Weather Baby Names You Can’t Help But Love

Why read: Need inspiration for naming your child? Check out this list of unique and meaningful weather baby names! 

A lot of future parents opt for weather-inspired baby names due to their unique and strong meanings.

There is a wide range of weather baby names to choose from for both girls and boys. And they all express the beauty of the weather and nature.

Many of the weather baby names are extremely popular. And there are some names like Alizeh, Tadita, and Corentine that parents don’t go for that often.

Uncommon names don’t necessarily mean they are bad or unattractive. Most people simply don’t know about them.

Here are some weather baby names, their origins, and meanings that will hopefully make your choice easier. 

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Weather Names For Girls

Weather names are more popular than we believe them to be. That’s because we don’t always know the meaning of most names unless they have a direct connection with the language we speak.

For instance, Rain, being one of the famous names in English speaking countries, needs no explaining. However, there are also other variations of the name having the same or similar meaning in different languages.

Examples are Amaya (‘night rain’ in Japanese), Euria (‘rain’ in Basque), and Jora (‘autumn rain’ in Hebrew).

Nature is often called feminine. You’ve surely heard the phrase “Mother Nature,” which gives you a good reason to pick a weather name for your daughter.


This is the Lithuanian version of the name Audrey, which is widely used in Scotland. If we consider its origins from Old English, the name Audra means ‘noble strength.’ In Lithuanian, however, it is the word for ‘snow.’


Autumn is a word name, aka its original meaning comes from the use of the word in a language, so it doesn’t need explaining. It’s the most popular English weather name for girls, and people love it. Autumn has entered the top 100 chart for girl names years ago and still doesn’t seem to step back. 


Aureole or Aura is a name with Latin origins meaning ‘breeze,’ although Breeze is also a female weather name that’s mainly used as a middle name. 


Eilidh is the Gaelic version of the name Helen meaning ‘sun, radiant one.’ It is popular in Scotland, where it also originated. Since it was brought to the British Isles by Normans, the girl nature name has been used as Aileen and Evelyn. 


The one-syllable word name is short, simple, and unique for your little one. Snow gives out Christmas energy and also symbolizes purity.


This is a beautiful name derived from Greek, meaning ‘rainbow.’ Iris was the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology, and the rainbow was the bridge uniting gods and humans. Iris is also a flower with three petals symbolizing faith, wisdom, and courage. 


Lumi, meaning ‘snow,’ is one of the rarest weather baby names in the US and UK, but it appears in top girl name charts in Europe, especially in Finland, being among the top 5 names for girls in recent years. 


As you probably guessed, Miku is a Japanese name that gained popularity in the West thanks to Hatsune Miku, the famous Vocaloid software Voicebank, and means ‘beautiful sky.’


Nephele is an ancient name that isn’t as common now, but it is pretty cute for a girl. It comes from Greek mythology and means ‘cloudy.’ Nephele was created of clouds by Zeus and later became the goddess of clouds.


‘Heavenly mist’ is the meaning of this name. It has Hawaiian origins where noe means ‘mist’ and lani is ‘sky, heaven.’ It’s also said that Noelani comes from Australia and means ‘a girl from heaven.’


Summer is another word name for the bright girls, especially those born in the summer months. People started calling their kids by the name of the season in the seventies. It became more and more popular due to being the name of famous characters in various movies and TV shows. 


Tempest is not only the name of one of the plays by Shakespeare, but it’s also a powerful name for girls. It comes from Old French and means ‘turbulent or stormy.’ 


Another name originating from Greece, Zephyrine, means ‘west wind.’ Parents rarely name their girls this version in America. However, similar names like Severine and Seraphina are quite popular in European countries. 

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Weather Names For Boys

So many names for boys are inspired by power, strength, and dominance that it is hard to believe that some popular names are actually weather-inspired as nature is considered feminine.

There are weather baby names for boys meaning storm, thunder, wind that show wildness and power, but there are also names inspired by breeze, air and clear sky.

Again, there is a long list to choose from, whatever your preferences might include for a name for your little boy.


This could be the most popular name in the US of Indian origins. Meaning ‘first ray of the sun,’ Aarush is a good name, especially for your firstborn son. 


Adad is an Akkadian name meaning thunder. The name comes from Assyrian-Babylonian mythology. Adad was the name of the God of thunder and storm.


Here is a rare nature name for your boy to carry with pride. This is one of the many Old Norse names with weather-related meanings. ‘An’ means ‘against,’ and ‘vindr’ is ‘the wind,’ so the Anvindr means ‘against the wind.’ 


Bayu is an Indonesian name that’s only used for boys. In Hindu culture, Bayu is the God of wind, while in Indonesia, it translates as ‘wind,’ making it a beautiful nature name. 


Boys also have plenty of word names with nature-related meanings. Cloud is one of the most commonly chosen ones. The other spelling is Cloude, but the pronunciation doesn’t change. 


Dalfon is another rare weather name for boys that works well with almost all surnames. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘raindrop.’ The letters this name consists of are not chosen randomly. Each of the six letters has a separate meaning: trust issues, silence, seriousness, lovely nature, open-mindedness, and hard work. 


Besides sounding a lot like Anvindr, Eyvindr has a slightly different meaning. This one also has Old Norse origins and is one of the unique weather names for boys. Eyvindr means ‘island wind,’ where ‘ey’ is ‘island’ and ‘vindr,’ as you probably guessed, is ‘wind.’ 


Here is a Hawaiian name for boys that sounds attractive. Just as gentle as it sounds, Keanu means ‘breeze.’ It can be pronounced as either kee-AH-noo or kay-AH-noo.


Niall is a popular name among guys now due to all the famous people who carry it. The name is of Irish origins and means ‘cloud.’ Christians love this name and call their baby boys Niall, interpreting the meaning as ‘coming from the clouds aka heaven.’ 


Souta is a Japanese name meaning ‘sudden sound of the wind.’ This could be the perfect fit if you are looking for uncommon weather baby name with a unique meaning. 


The mispronunciation of Sulien makes people think it derives from the name Jullian, the best-known meaning of which is ‘youthful.’ However, in its original Gaelic form, Sulien means ‘sun born’ and makes a beautiful nature name for boys.


For a long time, people had been naming their kids Thor after the character of the comic book. Now that it is loved by the entire world, parents choose this name because they like it regardless of who its carriers are. Thor was the Norse God of storm, thunder, and strength. 


Yuki is a male name that has been gaining more popularity in recent years. It has Asian origins, and that is most likely the reason so many people are fond of it, considering the unusual spread of Asian culture around the world. This is another weather name meaning ‘snowstorm.’


Unisex Weather Names

Only 1 out of 109 people in the United States has a gender-neutral name, which makes up nearly 1 percent of the population if we take it as a whole.

Charlie, Dakota, and Taylor are some of the well-known gender-neutral names, but you can find more in this list. 


Blaze has Latin origins; it means ‘fire.’ Many people don’t know girls can also make good owners of this name, because, for one girl, twenty boys carry it. 


Cielo has Italian origins. In fact, it is a word name and means ‘sky.’ It is also widely used in Spanish-speaking countries. 


The origins of this name are believed to be related to the Native Americans. It means ‘wind’ and is equally popular for children of either sex.


Besides being the last name of the famous poet Robert Frost, it is slowly starting to spread among boys and girls as a first name. Meaning ‘freezing’ Frost gives an icy cold feeling similar to winter cold and makes a perfect weather name for winter babies. 


Being of Irish Gaelic origins, Guthrie is currently one of the most attractive Scottish names. It can be used as a first or last name, as well as for both boys and girls. The meaning of Guthrie is ‘windy spot.’


Haneul is a Korean name meaning ‘sky, heaven.’ Korean names are two separate syllables combined. Parents can create new names by using the already popular name syllables. This is why most names in Korea, including Haneul, are for both sexes. 


Raiden was the name of the Japanese God of thunder and lightning, which is the meaning it carries in modern times. Parents usually prefer this name for boys because it rhymes with Aiden and Jayden, but the correct pronunciation for Raiden is RYE-den, which also makes a powerful name for girls. 


Sky, also spelled as Skye, is an ambigender nature name originating from England. The word name is popular both among boys and girls and has a clear, simple meaning. 


You might be surprised to find out that Skyler is actually not a word name; it’s not even English. This name comes from Dutch and means ‘scholar.’ Originally, it has nothing to do with nature and weather, but nature-loving English speakers choose it mostly for the root word, sky. 


Among the most loved weather names for babies is Storm. It is obviously a word name in English but is not limited to people living in English-speaking countries. Storm is especially a popular name for both girls and boys in Denmark and Sweden. 


Tal, meaning ‘a dew of rain,’ has Hebrew origins. It is usually a name given to boys, although it is considered a unisex name. The common use of it for both sexes is taking it as a root and adding different endings to create names like Tal-Or and Tal-El.


You have probably encountered more boys with this name than girls, but after a long time of leading the charts of names for boys, a lot of girls have become carriers of it as well. For girls, however, the other spelling version, Neal, is more suitable. Neil is of Irish origins and means ‘cloud.’


This makes a good season name for both sexes, despite being more common for boys. Winter has been used as a name since the seventeenth century, but only appeared in the top charts in the nineteenth century and improved its rank ever since.


One Last Thing

While there is a long list of weather baby names you might like, you know you need to choose just one.

Nowing the meaning and origins of the name will help you with making that choice. And later on with explaining your child why you went for that specific name.  


Your Turn

Please let me know in the comments what you think of this list of weather baby names. Was there one that you liked in particular? 

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Weather Baby Names You Can\'t Help But Love

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