10+ Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Why readLooking for ideas to make Valentine’s breakfast for kids fun? Check out this list of healthy and easy-to-make breakfast ideas any mom can make! 

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It’s always fun to start the morning with a daily dose of love for our kiddos. And when it’s Valentine’s Day this is doubly true. 

Why not make the day special right from the morning by surprising your little one with a breakfast that’s not only delicious but also screams “I LOVE YOU!”? 

And trust me you don’t need to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning or be the queen of creativity for this!

Just make little tweaks to your kid’s regular breakfast by adding some red color with the help of raspberries and strawberries, cutting everything in heart shape, serving with red ribbons and napkins, and voila!

The next is to watch your child’s face light up in a smile at the breakfast table. 

So here are some fun and easy ideas for Valentine’s breakfast for kids to draw inspiration from. The good thing is that these can also be packed into your child’s lunch box for Valentine’s Day lunch at school. 

1. Heart Pancakes

Let’s start with heart-shaped breakfast ideas. Well, because hearts are so much fun on Valentine’s, aren’t they?

Make the perfect heart-shaped pancakes with these pancake rings. Or invest in a mini pan with 5 heart sections if you have a bigger family. Or simply make regular pancakes and cut them into heart shapes. Works just as well. Now top off the pancakes with some red berries or strawberry syrup and let the fun begin! 

Heart-shaped pancakes for valentines day breakfast for kids

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2. Heart-Shaped Eggs and Bread

Use the same heart-shaped rings or mini pan for eggs to make a more protein-rich Valentine’s breakfast. And while you’re at it cut the bread into a heart shape as well. 

Heart-shaped valentines eggs and bread

3. Fruit Cut Into Heart Shapes

Cut fruits or vegetables into heart shapes using cookie cutters.  Not only are these good for breakfast but will also go perfectly into your little one’s lunch box. 

Heart-shaped fruit for Valentines breakfast

4. Heart Carvings

Make a heart carving in a toasted piece of bread and fill it with whatever your child loves for breakfast. Can be eggs, jam, Nutella, etc.  Or if you love to bake you can make cookies with heart carvings the night before. If you fill them with strawberry jam or syrup they’ll look stunning. 

Heart Shaped carvings for Valentines breakfast for kids

5. Heart-Shaped Jam Spread

No time in the morning at all? This is your jam then! You can buy strawberry jam or any other red jam. Have homemade? Even better! Whatever you decide to use, make sure you have it ready for Valentine’s Day. Then just spread it in a heart shape on a bread, pancake, or waffle. Can there be an easier Valentine’s breakfast for kids?!

heart-shaped jam spread for valentine's breakfast for kids

6. Red Themed Food Art

While you might not be the mom who has time for food art on a regular basis it’s so worth it to try to create a cute-looking breakfast for your kiddo for Valentine’s. Especially when it can be so simple! Browse Pinterest for great ideas of red themed food art. And while you’re on Pinterest follow my Pinterest account for other inspiring Pins. 

Food Art for Valentines breakfast for kids

7. Heart Beet Salad

Aren’t these heart beets adorable? And it sounds cool too, doesn’t it? Heart beat beet salad!  Cut the beets into hearts with the help of the same cookie cutters and then use them either raw or baked in a salad.  You can make hearts from other veggies too, it’s just beets look particularly cute for Valentine’s. 

Heart Beet Salad for Valentines breakfast

8. Red Smoothie

What can be better than a vitamin-packed smoothie for breakfast? By the way, you can easily sneak in green veggies like spinach into it. As long as the red berries and fruits prevail, you’ll have a perfectly red Valentine’s smoothie.

Red Smoothie for Valentines breakfast for kids


9. Valentine’s Oatmeal 

Oatmeal’s plain color makes it perfect for decorating and writing in red. You can use berries, nuts, red syrup, or pomegranate seeds. Simple oatmeal will never taste this delicious! 

Oatmeal for Valentines breakfast for kids

10. Homemade Jello

Not only red jello looks pretty and oh! so Valentine-y it’s also great for breakfast. Jello is a healthy treat for our kids. It’s a great source of collagen needed for healthy skin, nails, hair. Of course, homemade jello is better than store-bought as it won’t have any artificial additives. 

Jello for Valentines breakfast for kids

There you have it! Some of the healthiest and easy-to-make Valentine’s breakfast ideas to make for your kids.

Have fun and full of LOVE Valentine’s Day! 

And let us know in the comments what you’ll be making your child for breakfast this Valentine’s Day. 


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