30 Super Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

Why read: This list of creative pregnancy Halloween costume ideas will inspire you to dress up and have fun. DIY, funny, creepy and matching costumes for couples – all in one place.   

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You’re pregnant and thinking to yourself: “How on Earth am I going to dress up for Halloween?!”.

Well, have a look at this roundup of pregnant ladies who took creativity to another level. With a little inspiration from them and you’ll be all pumped up to create your own unique pregnant Halloween costume

Or just go the easy way, and copy one of these ideas ;). They won’t mind, I promise.

From creative DIY to funny to creepy, just choose the one that suits your current mood the best. Then go rock it and have fun.  

No one will be able to bear all the cuteness coming from you. Because let’s agree, although we might not feel that way, pregnant moms are the cutest


Easy DIY Pregnancy Halloween Costumes 

If you have time and energy to DIY your pregnant Halloween costume, these all are really easy to make. Plus, these will cost you near to nothing if you’re on a budget. I know, your head must be spinning from all the expenses that await you in the near future so Halloween costume is probably the last thing you’d want to splurge on. Then go look through your old clothes, take scissors, color paper, and markers, and start creating. 

1.Pregnant Turtle Costume

pregnant halloween costume_turtle

Source: @babyprepping

2. Pregnant Pumpkin Costume

pregnant halloween costume_pumpkin

Source: @takecaremama

3. Pregnant Snowman Costume

pregnant halloween costume_snowman

Source: @mamaespelomundo

4. Pregnant OH YEAH Costume

pregnant halloween costume_oh yeah

Source: @Taylor_Satine

5. Pregnant Wrecking Ball Costume

pregnant halloween costume_wrecking ball

Source: @scotsworth

6. Pregnant Gumball Machine Costume

pregnant halloween costume_gum ball machine

Source: @Sarah_Bryant

7. Pregnant Mummy Costume

pregnant halloween costume_mummy

Source: @Sarah_H

8. Pregnant Nesting Costume

pregnant halloween costume_nesting

Source: @xox.meg.xox

9. Pregnant Avocado Costume

pregnant halloween costume_avocadoSource: @honeygoddess710

10. Pregnant Bump Ahead Costume

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_bump ahead

Source: @daughteroftheking87

11. Pregnant Minion Costume

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_minionSource: @lovestoryfilms


Funny Pregnancy Halloween Costumes 

Halloween is all about having fun. So whether you’re 6 weeks pregnant or 36, you can dress up your belly and have fun.  Your family will laugh with you at how creative and fun your maternity Halloween costume looks. 

12. Angry Bird

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_Angry BirdSource: 3.bp.blogspot.com

13. Cow

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_cow

Source: @esmeraldarubioo

Creepy Pregnancy Halloween Costumes 

If you’re all into creepy and want to scare the crap out of everyone you come across on the spookiest night of the year, check out these bloodthirsty pregnant monster costumes (I can’t believe I just wrote that :D). Just think twice before you open the door for trick-or-treating kids as these are certainly not kid-friendly.  

14. Zombie

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_zombie

Source: @moonbeam1020

15. Children Eating Pumpkin

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_scary pumpkin

Source: abitbackward.com

16. Doctor with Newborn

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_doctor with newborn

Source: @darrenlrobbins

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Pregnancy Belly Art Halloween Costume

Have a friend who is into art? How about using your belly as a platform for her creative imagination? All you’ll need for this cheap costume is body art paint and your belly. From all types of balls to cartoon characters to matching accessories for your partner’s costume – the sky is the limit of what your belly can become. 

17. Mike Wazowski Costume

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_mike wazowski

Source: @riri_dada

18. Scary Pumpkin Costume

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_pumpkin art

Source: @kassierod

19. Mother Earth Costume

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_mother earth

Source: ashlyn_camille

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Pregnancy Halloween Costumes from Amazon

But what if you hardly have the energy to go to the bathroom, let alone think of and create a Halloween costume for your pregnant self. I totally get it. 

Amazon to the rescue! There is a good selection of cute shirts and costumes that are perfect for pregnant women. You can be a kangaroo, a ladybug or choose a shirt with a cute drawing like the ones below. Not happy with Amazon costumes? Check out other websites to shop Halloween costumes. 

20. Skeleton

Shop here:  Skeleton Costume

21. Cute Baby

Shop here:  Cute Baby


22. Ladybug

Shop here: Ladybug

23. Bun in the Oven 

Shop here: Bun in the oven

Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Pairing up your belly costume with your husband’s one will make it even more fun. And if your husband is all into adventures and originality himself, he might have an idea or two himself. 

24. Basketball

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_basketball

Source: @fran.d.castilho

25. Indiana Jones and the Boulder

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_indiana jones

Source: @cornbreadandcambria

26. Red Balloon

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_red balloonSource: @fhsev

27. Juno

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_junoSource: captn_0bvious


Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

If everyone in the family is excited about going trick-or-treating, you shouldn’t be left out. A little discussion with everyone and you can blend right in. Check out these family costumes. Don’t they look cute together as a family?

28. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_winnie the poohSource: @candyy_k

29. Breakfast

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_breakfastSource: @mychocolatemoments

30. Jungle

pregnancy halloween costume ideas_jungleSource: @_tifannylee_

One Last Thing

See, I promised all these pregnancy Halloween costume ideas would be easy and inspiring. You can now create and have your own in no time.

And I’d love love love to hear all about it in the comments. Is it DIY, is it paired with your husband, funny or creepy? Can’t wait to know! 

I wish you the spookiest Halloween ever! You’ll have what to tell your baby about when it arrives 🙂 

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30 Super Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

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