Beautiful Plant Names For Boys

Why read: Considering a plant name for your son? Check out this list of beautiful plant names for boys! 

People have been using plant names for boys for ages.

Flowers appear feminine to some people. Nevertheless, flower boy names are super popular.

Jarred, for instance, means ‘rose.’ Who would’ve thought?

Despite its meaning, Jarred sounds more masculine than some other male names meaning ‘thunder,’ or let’s say, ‘ power.’

There is no shortage of plant-based male names inspired by nature, plants, flowers, trees, etc.

I have listed some of them here for you and added the meanings too.

The names are in alphabetical order, so if you have a preferred initial letter, go for it.

But make sure you check out the other ones as well because they are all interesting. Who knows you might find a hidden gem for your eco-friendly baby! 😉 

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Boy Plant Names Inspired By Flowers

Each flower symbolizes a different thing, although some of them have common meanings. 

But did you know that flowers as a whole signify gratitude and admiration?

Even though flowers are ‘girly,’ they are also the inspiration behind some of the most popular male plant names.

Flower boy names are often the first choice by modern-day hippie and boho crunchy parents. You can’t think of a better name for a tumblr boy! 

Here are some of the outstanding boy plant names I have grouped that come from flower names. 


Fiore is a name for boys of Latin origin. It comes from the word ‘flos floris’ in Latin, meaning ‘flower blossom.’ In Italian, Fiore means ‘flower.’ It can easily serve as a good name for both males and females. Sometimes carriers of this name have it as a middle name too. 


The name Indigo is a unisex name, primarily popular for boys. This name is of Greek origin and means ‘Indian dye.’ Although Indigo is a ‘color name,’ it comes from the deep bluish-purple shade plants native to India. The name symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, devotion, creativity, fairness, impartiality, justice, and dignity.


As you probably know, Jarred is among the more popular plant names for boys. In fact, it’s among the popular names for boys in general. It has entered the top 1000 a long time ago and ranked 368th in the United States. As a plant name of English origin, Jarred means ‘rose.’ In its Hebrew origin, it means ‘descending or down-flowing.’ People often suggest other meanings as well, such as ‘ruling’ and ‘commanding.’


The name Ren is a boy’s name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘water lily, lotus.’ Lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth. Being one of the most popular names for boys in the West, it is only common for girls in Japan. Ren can also mean ‘love’ and ‘romance’ depending on the kanji people prefer to use to spell it.  


There are several origins and meanings people believe this name has. But to keep it short, some believe it comes from the name of the sweet william flower; others give it a more spiritual meaning. The flower comes in different colors, including white, pink, purple, and red. The other most known definition of the name is ‘determined protector.’ Coming from Germanic origins, the first-ever version of this name was Wilhelm. Wilhelm is still in use and is as popular as William in some countries. The name consists of two separate root words. ‘Wil’ means ‘will’ or ‘desire,’ and ‘helm’ meaning ‘helmet, protection.’ 

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Boy Plant Names Inspired By Trees And More

When it comes to plant baby names it’s not only about flowers. The names derived from trees, herbs, and other plants also give room for inspiration.

While some boy plant names are quite popular like Bradley or Ashton, others are totally unique. 

All are equally beautiful though, especially knowing the strong meaning tied to mother nature that they all carry. 

Some of the names in this list are gender-neutral. Those are in brown color. 


Acker is of German or Old English origins. You might have encountered Akker, which is the Dutch version of the same name. The root word ‘acre’ means ‘field .’ The name itself means ‘cultivated field,’ or ‘someone who lives by the piece of cultivated land.’ There are several ways of pronouncing this name. Examples are AHK-e, AE-kh-eh-r, and ack-er. 


Meaning ‘old,’ this name comes from the alder tree. In its Old German origins, Alder is a surname and means ‘eagle.’ The alder tree is known as the Goddess tree, and people link it to a number of gods and goddesses throughout history. The alder tree has various symbolic meanings, including strength, release, determination, protection, discrimination, confidence, and royalty.


Alon is a tree name for boys of Hebrew origin meaning ‘tree’ or ‘oak tree.’ It can either be a first name or a surname. The female variant is Alona, and Alon is pronounced as AL-en. Despite the confusion making people think it is a unisex name, the carriers of this name are only boys. 


Ash is a unisex plant name commonly carried by males. It has Middle English origins and comes from the name of the ash tree. The tree symbolizes the World Tree. In other words, a tree that joined the three worlds that are the underworld, the middle earth, and the spiritual realm. The ash tree is also associated with the blending of the past, present, and future. The ash tree stands for strength, getting it from its strong roots.


Having the root word ‘ash,’ like the previous one, this one also comes from the name of the ash tree. Ashton means ‘ash tree town.’ In the United States, the name is currently given to both girls and boys. In the 90’s, however, it was far more popular for girls. This one also has Middle English origins and has been a well-known name for centuries. 


Birch is another tree name for boys of the same word coming from Old English. Other than the tree name, Birch also means ‘bright’ and ‘shining.’ Occasionally, parents choose this name for their daughters, but a heavy percentage of the carriers of it are men. Despite being a good first name, 96% of the people having it in their full name carry Birch as a surname. 


Bradley has a long history both as a name and surname. It has been in use for at least a thousand years. At its peak of popularity in the 1980s, Bradley had a spot in the top 50 names for males. It’s an Old English nature name meaning ‘broad, wide meadow.’ The correct pronunciation for Bradley is brad-lee.


One of the newer plant names for boys, Cedar, is also of English origins. As the word suggests, the name means ‘cedar tree.’ Cedar tree signifies healing, cleansing, rituals of protection, resilience, support, strength, hope, and much more. This is a perfect option if you want to pick a name full of deep spiritual meanings for your little boy.


Elm is mostly used as a middle name, though it also makes a unique first name emerging into the top charts. If you have elm trees or groves around the house, this is a perfect cute name for your child. The meaning of elm is ‘someone who lives near an elm tree or gove.’ It also symbolizes eternal wisdom and life as these trees are common in school areas. The other meaning of this name is ‘red, brown.’ 


Elwood means ‘old, noble woods.’ Coming from Old English, it was formed based on the words ‘ellern wudu’ meaning ‘elder tree wood.’ This name was more popular in the first half of the 20th century. Though it never appeared as a common name. Here is another unique name if that’s what you’re looking for!


Hedley or Headley is a plant name for boys of Old English origin. While not being as popular as Heather is for girls, this name means ‘heather field’ or ‘heathered meadow.’ Heather flowers symbolize good luck, admiration, and protection. A whole field of heathers signifies lots of these qualities. 


Ilan is a plant name with Hebrew origins where it means a ‘tree.’ It’s a masculine name, although the female version, Ilana, is also common. People often see trees as representatives of life, wisdom, power, and prosperity. Philosophers view trees as observers witnessing the evolution of humans and the world around them. 


Javor is an earthy boy’s name that means ‘maple tree.’ The name has one of the few popular meanings in the West with Serbian origins. Javor is Serbian for ‘maple tree.’ Javor as a name is exclusively used for men. It makes a fascinating choice if you are looking to give your son a manly-sounding plant name. 


People still discuss whether Marlow makes a better name for girls or boys. Though, it’s currently a primary choice for boys. This name also comes from Old English and is pronounced as MAR-loh. This nature-inspired name for boys means ‘driftwood’ and is an interesting choice nowadays. 


Olivier for boys and Olivia for girls. This name is yet another plant name for boys of English origin. Oliver comes from the Latin word ‘olivarius’ meaning ‘olive tree planter.’ The olive tree is a sign of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Nowadays, ‘extending an olive branch’ traditionally symbolizes an offer of peace. So if you really wish your son to bring peace to the world, naming him Oliver seems like a good first step.


Palmer came from the Old French word palmer, which comes from the Latin word ‘palmifer,’ meaning ‘palm bearer.’ The name was formed based on the surname of a pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land. In the past, the name Palmer represented a missionary. Palmer entered the chart of the most loved 1000 baby names in 2019. So you could say it’s more popular than some other options you might have. 


Rhodes is a name of Old English origin meaning ‘a clearing in the woods’ or ‘where the roses grow.’ Other spellings of this name are Rhoades, Rhoads, Roads, Roades, and Rodes. Another belief is that Rhodes and the female variant, Rhode, both come from the Greek spelling Rhoda. Rhoda itself comes from the name of Rhodos, the Greek goddess of home and the Island of Rhode.


Rowan is a boy’s name of Scottish and Irish origin. It comes from the name of the rowan tree and means ‘little redhead.’ It is also a common name among females. Rowan makes a strong surname and first name for boys. The tree has red berries and a popular meaning. In Celtic mythology, it is known as the tree of life and signifies courage, wisdom, and protection. It is rapidly growing in popularity in the US, as well as other parts of the world. 


The name Sylvan is a botanical name for boys meaning ‘wood, forest.’ One of the many variations of Silvanus, the name of the Roman forest god, and a less known member of the emerging Sylv- family of names. Sylvan can also be spelled as Silvan, giving it more of a German-Dutch feel. People connect the origins of this name with Latin, as it sounds a lot like the Latin name Silas. 


Quill comes from the Gaelic languages and means ‘from the woods.’ In the Irish language, it was initially used as a surname, and it hasn’t changed. Quill still mostly functions as a surname even today. As a masculine given name, it is rather rare in the United States. This could grab your attention if you prefer unique names over popular ones. 


One last thing

In this list, I’ve included some of the most common, unique, or newly emerging plant names for boys for you to consider.

And if you still can’t seem to find the one that speaks to you, check out my list of earthy hippie baby names perfect for a free-spirited child or weather baby names you can’t help but love

As for baby girl names, check out this separate list of plant names for girls. It includes unisex names as well. 

Your turn

Please share in the comments which one of these beautiful plant names for boys spoke the most to you.


Beautiful Plant Names For Boys

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