Easy DIY Paper Tulip Craft For Mother’s Day

Why read: Need ideas for an easy Mother’s day craft to make with kids? Try this DIY paper tulip craft tutorial with step-by-step instructions and pictures.      
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Mother’s day is around the corner and what can be better than receiving a Mother’s day DIY paper flower bouquet from your child?

The heart and soul that kids usually put into a handmade craft for Mother’s day is beyond heartwarming. 

This year, why not try your hand at making a paper tulip craft?

Even if your child is too young, this can be a fun activity to do together. Or have an older child do it themselves and surprise you with their creation.

Here’s an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for a gorgeous and what’s more important DIY paper tulip bouquet. 

diy paper tulip bouquet


Paper Tulip Craft Tutorial 

Step 1: Gather your supplies:

Supplies Needed:

paper tulip craft supplies

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Step 2: Print out the paper tulip bouquet template. 

No printer? Not a big deal!

You can draw yourself or have your child draw all the needed pieces from the template below. 

Take the scissors and cut out all the pieces from the template. 

Step 3: Here’s how to make a paper tulip. 

Take one of the color card stock papers, fold it and keep the tulip flower template along the fold. Draw around the template. Cut along the drawing to get one of the petals of the flower.

diy paper tulip tutorial

You will need five petals for each flower.

diy paper tulip craft tutorial

Take one of the petals, apply glue along one side and glue the next petal, lining up the edges.

diy paper tulip craft tutorial

Continue gluing till all the petals are joined together.

diy paper tulip petals glued together

The petals along the edges are not glued to each other till we attach the stem.

paper tulip petals

Let’s make the stem.

Take the green card stock paper and start rolling it from one of the corners.

paper flower bouquet stem

Keep rolling till you reach the other corner and glue it to secure.

paper tulip stem

Glue the stem to the center of the flower.

easy paper tulip craft tutorial

Next, glue the petals at both ends together to shut the flower.

step-by-step paper tulip tutorial

Cut the sepals for the flower, using the given template.

paper tulip sepals

Insert it over the stem, starting from the lower edge and till it reaches the base of the flower.

diy paper flower sepals

Cut 2 leaves using the given template.

diy paper flower leaves

Apply glue along one half of the leaves and glue it to the stem.

diy paper tulip craft leaves

Repeat on the other side.

easy paper tulip craft leaves

You need to make about 5-8 flowers in a similar manner to get a full bouquet.

how to make a paper tulip

Step 4: Let’s make the paper flower bouquet.

Take the black card stock paper, and roll it from the corner to get a conical shape. Apply glue along one of the edges and stick to secure the cone.

paper flower bouquet

Arrange the flowers nicely inside the bouquet.

diy paper flower craft

Cut the shape for making the bow, using the template in the PDF.

paper flower bouquet bow

Apply glue along the center, fold the two edges inwards and glue them at the center to form the bow.

paper tulip bow

Take a red paper strip 0.5- inch wide and 8- inches long. Cut out a triangle from the ends, fold it and glue it on the underside of the bow to form the bow tail. You may glue the pearl along the center of the bow.

paper flower bouquet bow with ornamental pearl

Next, cut a red paper strip 0.5- inches wide and 10- inches long. Glue it around the bouquet, about half way from the top.

paper tulip bouquet craft

Glue the bow over it and your paper tulip bouquet is ready!

paper tulip bouquet

One Last Thing

DIY paper tulip craft done by or with your kids is a way to create lifelong memories for Mother’s Day, for both you and the kids. 

I hope you have a great time making this cute paper bouquet! 

Your Turn

Please let me know in the comments how your paper tulip bouquet turned out and if it was easy to make following this step-by-step tutorial. 


Easy DIY Paper Tulip Craft For Mother\'s Day

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