Modern and Unique Pakistani Girl Names You’ll Love Exploring

Why read: Need inspiration for modern Pakistani girl names? Check out this list of popular Pakistani female names for your baby girl!

As my fascination with baby names from different cultures continues, this time I bring to you a list of beautiful Pakistani girl names you’d want to check out! 

I asked a talented writer from Pakistan, Shaima Nisar, to help me with putting together this list for you. 

So if you’re looking for a modern Pakistani girl name with a special meaning, Shaima curated the ultimate list for you.

From Aamina to Maysoon, we’ve got everything you need to find the perfect name for your little princess.

Instead of scouring the internet, Instagram and Facebook, read on, and let’s talk about the best Pakistani girls’ names!

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Pakistani Girl Names: A Beautiful Blend of Religious History and Cultural Heritage

Pakistani parents choose their baby girl’s name based on several factors such as family tradition, the word’s religious connotation, or even the astrological meaning of the name.

However, one of the most important factors that Pakistani parents consider when naming their baby girl is the meaning of the name.

A girl’s name can reflect her family’s heritage, culture, and values – so putting enough thought into it is so important. It’s also believed that a Pakistani girl’s name can influence her future and shape her personality (although that’s a widely challenged notion).

Since Islam is the dominant religion in Pakistan, most Pakistani female names have Arabic origin.

Also, the local language “Urdu” is an amalgamation of Persian, Indian, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and several local dialects.

I conducted detailed research on modern Pakistani girl names for you. If you want to know more about beautiful and meaningful Pakistani female names, let’s dive in.


Modern Pakistani Girl Names

Pakistan is home to a diverse range of cultures, and this is reflected in the names given to baby girls. In recent years, there has been a trend of choosing modern Pakistani girl names that are both unique and meaningful but a bit different from old, heavy names.

Today, kids don’t prefer old-school traditional Pakistani names and want to stay relevant, hence the evolution of Pakistani female names.

One popular approach is to pick a name that honors the child’s cultural heritage. For example, many families now opt for names that are rooted in Pakistani history and tradition or public figures.

Still, others choose names with positive connotations, such as those that mean “happiness” or “prosperity.”

Pakistani girl with a modern pakistani  girl name

So without any ado, let’s enlist the top simple and meaningful female Pakistani names you can consider for your princess:

  • Aaminah
  • Ahlaam
  • Aleezeh
  • Alishba
  • Amal
  • Ayesha
  • Haya
  • Hoorain
  • Iram
  • Irha
  • Isha
  • Javeria
  • Maliha
  • Maryam
  • Miraal
  • Nawaal
  • Reham
  • Rida
  • Shaima
  • Yashal
  • Yashma
  • Zainab
  • Zoya

All these names sound good, have great meanings (which you can scroll down for), and own significant history.

Whatever the source of inspiration, the goal is to find a name that the child will be proud to wear throughout her life. I’m sure one of these names will sit well with you!


Popular Pakistani Names for Girls

Pakistani girls’ names are often a beautiful reflection of the country’s rich culture and heritage.

Many names have religious or spiritual significance, representing attributes like purity, wisdom, or strength. Others are inspired by nature, art, or literature.

Whatever their origin, Pakistani girl names are always meaningful and lovely. They are a reminder of the many things that make Pakistan such a special place.

Pakistani names for girls are often a mix of Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish influences. The most popular Pakistani names for girls are short, sweet, and meaningful. You’ll hardly find any options for Pakistani female names that don’t have deep-rooted meaning. Something so admirable about Pakistani baby names.

If you’re shortlisting the most popular Pakistani baby girl names, here’s an assorted list for you:

  • Aqsa
  • Ameerah
  • Areeba
  • Dania
  • Emaan
  • Huma
  • Kashf
  • Kiran
  • Mehwish
  • Muntaha
  • Nabila
  • Naila
  • Namrah
  • Naurah
  • Sadaf
  • Saleha
  • Sierra
  • Sumaira
  • Tayyaba
  • Wajiha

Most Pakistani names for girls are unique and soothing to the ear. If you want the best name for your baby girl, consider one of these popular Pakistani names.

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Pakistani Girl Names With Meanings

There’s something special about Arabic names for girls.

They are delicate and beautiful, often with mystical and deeply romantic meanings. It’s no surprise, then, that many believe these names can profoundly impact the personalities of those who bear them. After all, a name is more than just an arbitrary label – it’s a reflection of who we are and who we hope to be. 

And for girls growing up in a world full of challenges and opportunities, an Arabic girl name can be the perfect source of strength and inspiration. With its graceful sound and uplifting meaning, it’s sure to set her on the path to a bright future.

When it comes to choosing a Pakistani female name, the meaning and origin are important considerations. A name’s meaning can shed light on the plants of your baby’s personality, while the origin can provide insight into your family’s heritage.

In Pakistan, there are many names with beautiful meanings and rich histories. 

To make things easier for you, here’s a list of Pakistani women’s names and their meanings in alphabetical order:


Aaminah (or Amina) – dependable, extremely popular Pakistani girl names as it’s the name of the mother of the Prophet Muhammad
Aaliyah – heights or exalted one
Aamna – peaceful
Aaniah – call or invitation
Aayat – verse in Arabic (this name more specifically signifies a verse of the Holy Quran) in Pakistani girls’ names
Ahlaam – dreams 

Aisha – life in Arabic
Aleeza – joyful or happy
Alishba – sunshine, pretty, lovely
Aliya – uppermost or highest

Amal – hope or expectation 
Amber – jewel or gem
Ameerah – princess

Anum – blessing or gift in Arabic 
Aqsa – the name of the sacred mosque in Jerusalem, means height, farthest
Areeba – wise, smart, brilliant
Asiya – healer or helper in Arabic, the name of Pharaoh’s wife in the Quran (considered to be a woman of great faith)
Asma -luminous or bright
Atifa – affectionate or compassionate
Ayesha – life

Azra – virgin


Badria – Virgin or untainted one
Bakhtawar – fortunate or lucky
Banafsheh – violet flower
Barakat – blessing
Basmeh – smile or laughter
Bilqis – queen of Sheba
Bisma – smile or radiance in Arabic
Bushra – meaning “good news” in Arabic


Cemal – beauty
Chanda – moon in Sanskrit

Cyra – moon


Dalal – lure or temptation
Damia – one who tames or subdues
Dania – close, near

Daniyal – close to God or Divine in Arabic
Darakhshan – bright or shining
Dua – prayer or supplication in Arabic
Dunya – world


Eda – 28th night of the month in Arabic
Elahe – goddess
Elnaz – angel of light
Eman – faith in Arabic
Eram – paradise
Eshaal – fragrance


Farah – joy in Arabic
Faiqa – outstanding or superior
Fariha – happy or glad
Fatima – capable or brave in Arabic (Fatima was the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad, and this name is very respected amongst female Pakistani names)


Ghada – young and tender
Gulnaz – flower in Turkish


Hafsa – wife of the Prophet Muhammad
Haleema – patient, gentle or mannered in Arabic
Hanifa – true believer in Islam

Hasna – beautiful or pretty
Haya – life (Hebrew origin)
Hoorain – beautiful eyes, woman of paradise
Huma – lucky bird


Iffat – chastity or purity in Arabic
Inaam – blessing or gift in Arabic
Inaya – solicitude or care
Intisar – victory or triumph in Arabic

Iqra – read or recite in Arabic
Isaam – protection or safeguard in Arabic


Jamal – beauty or elegance in Arabic
Jannat – heaven in Arabic, is a trendy name in Pakistan.
Javeria – jewel in Arabic.


Kanza – treasure or wealth
Kashf – uncovering, revelation
Khadija – trustworthy or respected (Since Khadija was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, this name holds high regard in Pakistani female names)
Kiran – ray of light (Sanskrit origin)


Laila – night
Laraib – deserving or worthy in Arabic (in Ancient Arabic, this name was used for both genders)
Lubna – name of a tree in heaven


Maha – wonder or marvel
Mahnoor – light of the moon in Arabic
Maria – wished-for child or beloved in Arabic (Hebrew origin)
Maryam – Maryam or Mariam – Arabic form of Mary meaning obstinate, rebellious or beloved (Hebrew origin)
Marwa – bitter or acrid in Arabic
Maymuna – blessed or lucky one
Maysoon – of beautiful countenance in Arabic and is a very unique name in Pakistan

Mehwish – a gift from God
Mirha – blessed or auspicious
Mohsina – compassionate or sympathetic
Munira – shining or radiant
Musharraf – honorable or respected


Nadia – caller or announcer in Arabic
Nahla – a drink of water in Arabic and shares a Swahili (African) origin where it means lion or queen
Naila – attained or achiever
Naima – delight or contentment

Najwa – confidential talk or secret conversation in Arabic
Naseem – fresh breeze
Nazia – queen or princess in Arabic
Noor – light in Arabic
Noorjehan – light of the world


Omaimiya – kind and loving
Onaifa – dignified, with self-respect
Onayasa – good friend
Oraiba – intelligent
Orzah – competent


Parveen – star in Arabic


Qabilaa – accepter, approver
Qaddarah – organizer
Qadeerah – capable, powerful
Qayyimah – upright, good
Qindilah – oil lamp
Qismah – fortune
Qudrah – power, ability
Qurratulain – solace or comfort in Arabic


Rabia – springtime or greatness in Arabic
Raheela – traveler in Arabic
Raheema – merciful or compassionate in Arabic
Rania – queen or princess in Arabic

Rawdah – garden in Arabic
Reem – gazelle in Arabic


Sabiha – beautiful or morning star 
Sadaf – sea-shell or oyster
Safiya – pure or chaste 

Salma – peaceful or safe
Salwa – peace or solace in Arabic
Samia –  elevated or lofty in Arabic
Sania – brilliant or luminous in Arabic

Samiya – hearing or listening
Sana –  brilliance or praise in Arabic
Shafiqa – best friend or intimate companion 

Shamim – fragrant flower or dewy eyed 
Sharifa – honorable or respected woman
Sherin – sweet or charming

Shifa – healing or remedy
Shirin – sweet or pleasant in Farsi
Sitara – star in Arabic
Suheila – black-eyed or having dark eyes
Suhaila – canopus, the second brightest star in constellation Carina
Sukaina – the name of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter
Sumera – intelligent or clever


Taaha – name of a Surah in the Holy Quran
Tabassum – smiling or happy
Tahira – pure or clean

Tamanna – desire or wish in Arabic
Tania – fairy queen
Tanzeela – revelation or Quranic verses
Tasneem – fountains in heaven

Tayyiba – good or chaste


Umaima – healthy or prosperous
Umarah – name of a narrator of Hadith


Wardah – rose
Wajiha- honorable, graceful

Wasfia – descriptive or eloquent
Wasiqa – one who loves or friend
Wirda – heaven’s flower
Wafa – faithfulness or loyalty


Yakoota – precious stone in Arabic
Yasmeen – jasmine flower
Yumna – blessed or prosperous


Zahra –  flower or radiant in Arabic
Zainab – fragrance or precious flower 
Zakia – intelligent or perceptive

Zareen – golden or yellow in Farsi

Two Picks from Modern Pakistani Girl Names


Wajiha is a popular Pakistani girl name, which means “honorable,” “eminent,” or “graceful”.

The name is often given to girls when their parents want to raise them as strong-willed and zealous individuals. Wajiha is also a popular choice for girls who are born during Ramadan, as it is seen as a name that brings good luck and abundance.

Many Pakistani girls are named Wajiha because it is thought to bring them success, zest, and endless bounties in life. Plus, this name sounds sweet and signifies someone modest and radiant; hence it’s in the top two picks amongst all other Pakistani female names.

a girl with a popular Pakistani girl name


Zainab is an Arabic origin name that means “fragrance” or “precious flower”. But this is a beloved and respected name for girls in Pakistan because of the personality associated with it.

Zainab Bint Ali was the eldest daughter of Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Fatima Bint Muhammad (Two of the strongest characters in the History of Islam). 

Since Zainab single-handedly fought against the odds in times of despair, she is considered a figure of sacrifice, courage, and patience in Islam. Thanks to this strong background, the name Zainab is, to date, one of the most popular female names in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Zainab is a powerful name, imbuing its bearer with beauty, strength, and wisdom. In many families, it is tradition to name the first-born daughter Zainab, as it is thought to bring good fortune to the child and the family as a whole.

One Last Thing

Parents today have endless options when it comes to choosing a name for their baby girl. They can choose from a variety of traditional Pakistani names, or they can opt for something more modern and blended. Urdu is already a mixed language, so if you want to opt for Persian, Arabic, or even Hebrew, you can find some names well suited for this era.

Whatever name you choose from modern Pakistani girl names, your daughter will have a beautiful name that she can be proud of. Today’s parents can take their pick from the vast array of Pakistani girls names and give their daughter the perfect name after conducting thorough research.

So, remember that you are giving your daughter a gift that she will cherish forever. Do your research, read up on Arabic and Urdu names, deep dive into the Urdu language, and then pick a nice name for your little princess.

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Modern and Unique Pakistani Girl Names You\'ll Love Exploring

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