The Only Baby Registry List You’ll Need: Printable Checklist Included

Why read: Stressing out about the best baby registry list? With my list of all baby essentials & printable baby registry checklist, you’ll have your picks in no time. 

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Updated: December 27, 2018

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Putting together the best baby registry list can be very overwhelming!

Especially when it’s your first pregnancy. There’re so many baby products to choose from. And how do you even know which ones are an absolute necessity for your newborn baby and which ones you can do without? The last thing you’d want to do is stress out at the end of your pregnancy wondering if you have everything ready for your little one’s arrival.

I’ve been there, so I know how it feels…

I remember when it hit me that I needed to stop procrastinating and finally create my baby registry, I was so overwhelmed I didn’t want to have a baby shower altogether. I wanted everyone to leave me alone so that I could take my time until maybe the last day of my pregnancy. AHHHH! 

And why wouldn’t I be overwhelmed? I knew nothing about baby products…

What I did know though is that I wanted only THE BEST (note, the best doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive) for my baby.

So I started my research to find baby products that are the safest, most comfortable and of the highest quality. I studied official safety regulations related to baby gear, asked around my mom friends on their favorite baby products, read mom forums, blogs, and basically everything that’s baby everything.

excited girlfriends touching a pregnant woman's belly at the baby shower

And finally picked what I believed I needed to take care of my baby for at least the first three months. Of course, after I had my boy, I discovered even more what I like, don’t like,  love, wish I had, can’t imagine my life without, etc. etc.

And now I’m so excited I finally finished this post. This is my ultimate baby registry list. It’s filled with my favorite baby goods and some alternatives, along with my detailed explanations on why I chose these particular items. There are things that are absolute baby must-haves on my list which I marked with the words “must-have“.

But before you start putting together your baby registry list I highly recommend checking out this article on everything you need to know before you start your baby registry. You’ll find answers to a lot of questions related to a baby registry. 

Bonus: As a bonus for joining my weekly newsletter, download a free printable baby registry checklist. Print it out and keep track of all your gifts and purchases! You don’t want to forget any important baby item before your little one’s arrival.

Wait, one more thing before we get to the list itself.

I want to rave about my love for Amazon baby registry.  If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime. And who isn’t nowadays, right? Especially after Babies/Toys’R’Us have closed. Most of your relatives and friends probably already shop from Amazon so it’ll be extremely easy for them to buy things off of your Amazon registry. You can find almost any essential baby item on Amazon itself.  But if needed you can also add things to your Amazon registry from ANY other website. Plus, they have a generous 15% completion discount for Amazon mom members, and 10% for non-members. Then, add free returns for 90 days to all these benefits and what else do you need for a perfect baby registry?!

PSST! I have another great reason for you to register with Amazon. Read on to find the surprise tip you’ll love!

Anyway, whether your friends are throwing you a big baby shower or you plan to buy all the baby essentials yourself,  this is truly the ONLY baby registry list you’ll need. And I’m sure it’ll make your pregnant life so much easier. 🙂 Enjoy!


  • Crib (must-have) (1):

A high-quality crib is for sure the most important piece of furniture you’ll need for your newborn. There are so many great options to choose from, but it all comes down to a couple of basics to consider:

  • make sure the crib meets all safety standards;
  • you want it to be convertible so that it can easily become a toddler bed as your baby grows (please trust me on this one! You don’t want to get into another hassle of choosing a new bed just a year after your baby is born);
  • choose fine sturdy wood with a non-toxic finish. Your little one will start biting the bed when teething so you don’t want any toxic materials to enter his body.

Here are a few cribs in different price ranges for you to choose from. I love how they all have a nice modern look and can compliment any nursery decor:

Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib  – Very popular and highly rated.
Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Crib  – On sale now for $319 (almost half off), which makes it super affordable.
Union Convertible Crib  – Simple design.
Babyletto Harlow Convertible Crib  – A bit more expensive but so beautiful.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, check out IKEA’s cribs. Many of them are super popular.

  • Changing table or dresser with changing pad (1)

You can purchase a changing table, but the truth is you don’t need one – any dresser with a changing pad on top can become a changing table. A nice dresser will stay in your child’s room for years, while you won’t be able to make much use of the changing table after your baby grows. I’ve included some options for both changing tables and dressers.
Graco Lauren Changing Table – Simple and movable.
Pottery Barn Hayden Changing Table – Minimalistic design that’ll go with any nursery style.
Delta Children 6 Drawer Dresser  – A beautifully designed spacious dresser that comes in 6 colors.
Pottery Barn Graham Extra-Wide Dresser & Topper Set – Another option is to get a dresser with a topper set, that’s what I ended up having for my boy’s nursery.

  • Glider or rocking chair (1)

So many new moms swear by a comfortable rocking chair. I didn’t have one, and every time I’d breastfeed or spend sleepless nights rocking my boy, I’d dream of one. Now that I look back, I don’t even know why I decided to save on something that could’ve made the first years of motherhood so much more relaxed for me… Do yourself a favor and splurge on one:
Babyletto Electronic Recliner  – This chair even has a USB charging port.
Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Glider & Ottoman – A cozy and beautiful chair like this one can become a great addition to any room.
Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider – A more affordable option.

  • Bassinet, Moses basket or Co-sleeper (1)

No matter how determined you are to have your baby in the nursery from the first night, you’ll most likely give in and have your little bundle of joy within arms reach the first couple of months. Or much longer, like in my case. You should realize though that babies outgrow Moses baskets and co-sleepers quickly, so if you plan to use a portable bed for longer, then go with a bigger bassinet or a travel crib.
Snuggle Me Lounger – This hugging lounger is perfect for your newborn’s first weeks and can be used for both sleep and awake time.
DockATot Baby Lounger – You’ve probably heard about DockATot lounger as so many new moms rave about it. It’s been designed to offer a snug environment for babies that mimics the mother’s womb. Plus it’s ideal for co-sleeping. And unlike other loungers, you can use DockATot for longer – through 8 months.
Tadpoles Moses basket – Some moms are big fans of Moses baskets because those are so easy to carry around and are really cute.
Here are some bassinet options for you to see what fits your budget and style: Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, HALO Bassinet,  Sleepi Mini Crib (Drape Rod &Mattress Bundle).

  • Storage Bins and Baskets (1-4)

Depending on what kind of furniture you choose, you’ll probably need some storage bins and baskets. There are so many cute designs that can go well with the theme you choose for your nursery. Check out these beautiful storage pieces: Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket, Gray Canvas Storage, Melange Cube Bin.

  • Nursery Decor & Lighting (1-10)

So you finally decided on all of the nursery essentials, now comes the fun part – adding life and character to your baby’s room. Whether you plan to go big and fully redecorate the room or add some adorable finishing touches, bringing the nursery to its final look is such a delightful moment. Of course, room decor is such an individual thing but here are some picks from me that will fit well in any nursery:
Rugs – White Shag Area Rug, Solid Shag Rug; 
Curtains – Natural Linen Sheer Curtains;
Cushions – Faux-Fur Shams.

Minimalistic baby nursery Decor with all the essentials from best baby registry list

  • Crib Mattress (must-have) (1)

During the first year, your baby will spend most of the time in the crib, so it’s important to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Make sure the mattress you choose is made for infant use: those are much firmer and stay flat even if the baby rolls onto the stomach. No matter how good you think you are at putting on diapers, you’ll still have a lot of leaking. Mold can easily grow inside the mattress and become dangerous for a newborn. So, you should either get a waterproof mattress or a waterproof mattress cover.

Safety 1st Mattress this is the mattress that I’d chosen for my boy because it’s firm, water-resistant, and was highly rated at the time. Plus, it’s super affordable. My son is nearing his 3rd birthday and we haven’t had any issues with this mattress. Therefore, I’m surprised about a number of negative reviews on Amazon. I did use a waterproof mattress cover as extra protection though, so no cracking or mold for us.

Moonlight Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress – if I were to choose today I’d definitely go with this mattress. It has everything I look for in a safe infant mattress: it’s waterproof, free of toxic chemicals, hypoallergenic – and more. As a bonus, it has a dual-sided sleep surface: one side is extra firm for infant use, and the other side is soft for toddler use.

Naturepedic Organic Ultra Light Crib Mattress – many parents nowadays opt for mattresses made exclusively from natural and organic materials. If you can afford a more expensive option, it’s probably a good idea to choose an all natural mattress for your newborn.

  • Waterproof mattress cover (must-have) (1-3)

Even with a water-resistant mattress, a waterproof mattress cover is a must-have. This will serve as extra protection: with a lot of licking even a water-resistant mattress can get wet under the surface. The bad thing is you can’t see if there’s mold growing inside the mattress so to be on the safe side get a washable waterproof cover. Consider buying at least two, so that you can switch them while one is in the wash: All Natural Mattress Pad and Cover in one, Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover.

  • Crib bedding set (1-2)

baby lying in a baby crib on a white fitted crib sheetTo be honest you don’t need a bedding set for your baby, not until much later at least. It’s not safe to have anything in a newborn’s crib. So for the first 4-6 months, all the bumpers, blankets, pillows and cute stuffed animals will need to go deep into the storage bins. Or you can use those for your baby’s cute newborn photographs. But whatever you do, don’t forget to take everything out of the crib, when your baby’s asleep.
RHBaby&Child have cute and unique nursery collections.
Pottery Barn Bedding Sets are also beautiful and can become a nice addition to any nursery decor.

  • Fitted crib sheets (must-have) (2-6)

A high quality fitted crib sheet is the only piece of bedding you’ll need for your newborn. Do register for a few. Things can get messy easily and you’ll be surprised how often the sheets go into the hamper. You can find a lot of great 100% cotton crib sheets on Amazon, like this Ely’s & Co 2 pack Set, or check out Target for cute but more budget-friendly options.

  • Bassinet Sheets (2-6)

If you ended up registering for a bassinet or co-sleeper, don’t forget about bassinet sheets. Again, lots of good options to choose from but Ely’s & Co are my favorite.

  • Changing table Pad (1)

Most changing tables come with a changing pad but some don’t have it. Thus check the one you’re getting. Plus, if you decided to go with a dresser instead of a changing table, you’ll definitely need a changing pad. Mine is this changing pad which is basic and inexpensive but does its job perfectly well. If you’re looking for more fancy ones, Keekaroo is very popular among parents.

  • Changing pad covers (2-4)

Don’t forget to register for at least a couple changing pad covers. This is where the most mess will happen, so you do want to have more covers on hand in case others are in the wash. Yes, a lot of diaper change is in the air! 🙂 This Ely’s & Co changing pad cover set is really cute and inexpensive for a pack of two. This Aden + Anais changing pad cover is also a great option. If you’re in search of some other cute patterns to fit your nursery decor, check out Crate&Barrel’s collection of changing pad covers.

  • Swaddle blankets (must-have) (2-6)

When it comes to swaddle blankets aden + anais is probably the best brand out there. Their swaddles are so soft, versatile and stylish at the same time. What makes these swaddles great is that they’re breathable and can also be used as a stroller cover and nursing cover, and your baby will never overheat. Although you’ll get swaddle blankets in the hospital, at least one set of aden + anais ones is a must-have. Check out these and these

Because swaddling is not an easy thing to do and will require a lot of practice from you, you’d also want to have a set of wrap swaddle blankets. These are much easier to use for parents and more difficult for babies to squirm out of. 

  • Sleep Sack (must-have) (1-2)

As your baby grows and is ready for some freedom, you want to have a couple of sleeping sacks or wearable blankets available for an easy transition. This HALO Sleep Sack is what you’ll need to free your baby’s arms and give room for lots of kicking. Or choose these long sleeved Microfleece sleep bags for colder weather.

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swaddled sleeping baby on a gray pillow


  • Humidifier (must-have) (1)

I feel like I write about humidifiers in almost all of my blog posts, but this is indeed, IMHO, one of the most important items in a baby nursery. Not only will your baby breathe easily and get a more restful sleep with the right air humidity, but will also be protected from most common viruses that live longer in dry air. I use the MistAire Humidifier in my son’s room. It’s pretty basic but does last for almost 24 hours if filled up and set on medium. I’ve had it since my son’s birth – i.e. over 3 years – and it still works well. This TaoTronics Humidifier is a best seller on Amazon and has great reviews.

  • Air Purifier (1)

You might wonder if you really need an air purifier for your baby’s room, and this depends on a number of factors. If your baby’s nursery is carpeted, you have pets or you use cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals a decent air purifier is a must-have for you. The air inside the home often contains higher concentrations of hazardous chemicals than the air outside. And because children breathe in 50% more air per pound of bodyweight than adults, you’d want to protect your baby from all those indoor pollutants.

You need to be careful when choosing an air purifier, though. Some air purifiers are ozone generators and release ozone as a by-product. Ozone is a known respiratory irritant so you’d want to avoid those.  This Germ Guardian Air Purifier is an absolute steal for its price. Its true HEPA filter and activated charcoal layer capture most harmful air particles and odors, plus kill germs.

  • Owlet Smart Sock (must-have) (1)

You’ve probably heard about Owlet Smart Sock – it tracks your baby’s heart and oxygen level and notifies you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen fall outside the preset zones when your baby is asleep. It wasn’t around when I had my boy otherwise it would’ve been the number one item on my baby registry. When you have your baby you’ll know what I mean. With so much scary information about SIDS, when you bring your little bundle of joy home the first three months are the most worrisome. I would check on my boy every 10 minutes. Is he OK? Is he breathing? With Owlet Smart Sock you can worry less, not wake up in a sweat and run to check on your baby every 10 minutes and have some sleep yourself.

Now that I’m pregnant with my second, I’m so glad Owlet sent me their Smart Sock. If they didn’t I’d purchase it myself anyway. This is a definite must-have for any new parent. 

  • Baby monitor (must-have) (1)

If I had a nickel for every time I regretted not getting a video baby monitor, I’d be rich now. This is another absolute must-have item in my baby registry list.  I can’t even explain how important it is for a mother to see her baby sleeping. Plus the baby monitor will serve well into toddlerhood. You never know what your little troublemaker might be up to after you peacefully put him to bed. Quite often it is so much fun to watch them in their cribs. Although baby monitors are expensive, I now know they’re worth every penny.

Along with the Owlet Smart Sock, I’ll be testing the Owlet Cam when my baby arrives. I’m so excited that this time around I’ll have a baby monitor – not owning one with my first child is my biggest regret!

And here’s another option for you to check – Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

  • White noise machine (must-have) (1)

Another essential that my husband and I regretted not owning is a white noise machine. It is comforting for babies to hear white noise in the first months as that’s what they hear in utero. There was no way we could put our son to sleep without a shushing sound. We used our phones or iPads for this but that was terribly inconvenient. I looked at many white noise machines and liked the Doha one the most, mostly because it’s power-operated.

  • Crib mobile (1)

We can’t imagine a baby nursery without a cute crib mobile, can we? But not only is a crib mobile a nice part of the nursery decor but is something babies stare at a lot when laying on their back in their cribs. So these give great visual stimulation, and babies love the calming music too. I used different mobiles from basic ones to the fanciest, like this Fisher-Price Projection Mobile. Our crib mobile was a life savior when I wanted my son to lay in his crib for 5-10 minutes so that I could quickly shower or have a cup of coffee.

  • Hamper (1)

You know you’ll be doing tons of laundry those first months, right? And because it’s a good idea to wash your newborn’s clothes separately, a separate hamper for baby clothes becomes an essential part of the nursery. This BirdRock hamper is not the cutest, but I like how it has 2 sections, a lid, plus removable bags for easy transport from the hamper to the washer. Pottery Barn has lots of lovely hampers.

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  • Infant car seat (must-have) (1-2)

You can’t leave the hospital without a car seat, so finding the right one early on in your pregnancy should be number 1 priority.

After extensive research, my choice fell on Chicco Keyfit 30 for its safety features and ease of use. It’s #1-rated car seat in America! Overall, I was happy with this car seat but it does have a couple of downsides: it’s a bit heavy (9.6 lbs) and the canopy is small. By paying $20 more you can get Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic which has an extendable canopy and a removable all-weather boot.

If you’re looking for a really light car seat, which also has a sleek design this Nuna Pipa car seat is your choice. I especially love it in burgundy!

Peg Perego is another great car seat. Let me say that it is made in Italy. That’s right, you get European high quality and beautiful Italian design in one car seat.  It has one of the highest crash test ratings on the market with extra cushion system and SIP (side impact protection) in the headrest. 

  • Stroller (must-have) (1-2)

I’m a big fan of travel systems – a car seat with its matching stroller. They work great together, there is no need for an adapter, you don’t need to wake up your baby to make the car seat-to-stroller transfer. Of course, there are downsides to all good things. To find the perfect stroller you do need to have a trip or two to the shop and test a number of strollers until you find the one. Plus, there are a lot of factors to consider: your budget, how spacious your car’s trunk is, whether you need one all-purpose stroller or different ones for different situations. Check out this article on How to choose a stroller which I’m sure you’ll find extremely helpful.

Instead of getting separate pieces, I chose to opt for this Chicco Bravo travel system. And it has served us great. It is sturdy and easy to use. The only downside like with the car seat is that it’s a little heavy and big, so it won’t fit in a small car.

The other two great strollers that are highly rated and popular among parents are UPPAbaby (comes with a bassinet) and Baby Jogger City Select. Do keep in mind that you’ll need to get an adaptor in case the brands of your car seat and stroller don’t match.

  • Travel crib or pack’n play (must-have) (1)

Whether you plan to have a major trip overseas or frequent visits to grandparents house, your baby will need a safe and comfortable place to sleep. A portable crib is also good for moving with you around the house for your baby’s nap times. Graco offers a wide range of portable cribs, from basic ones to the ones that can be used as nappers, bassinets, changers – all in one. 

  • Baby swing or bouncer (1)

There are so many different types of swings and bouncers on the market that things can easily get overwhelming. If you want to understand the difference between a swing, bouncer, and rocker, this is a good article to check.  The most important aspect of a good bouncer or swing is that it should be designed to contour the baby’s fragile spine. And do remember bouncers and swings are not meant for sleeping or prolonged sitting in those. So do use those in moderation.

I used this basic Fisher-Price Bouncer for my son and it served well. You do need to rock it yourself, but because I never left my boy sleeping in it and used it for play this wasn’t a big issue. Many moms swear by 4Moms Mamaroo despite its high price. Mamaroo has a lot of great features, it’s a swing and bouncer in one and is said to rock like a mom.

  • Baby wrap or carrier (must-have) (1)

OK, this is a must-have with BOLD letters!!! Studies have shown that carrying your baby in upright position optimizes the physical, emotional and intellectual growth. In short, wearing your baby is better than any swing, bouncer or even leaving your baby flat on the back in their cribs. And that’s because babies are born with a spine in a C-shape position, so lying on the back stretches the spine into an unnatural position. Be aware, not all slings and carriers are good though. A good carrier ensures larger hip angels and doesn’t leave your baby’s legs to hang.

Carriers are not recommended for newborns. So use a sling or wrap for the first 3-5 months. Boba and Ergo Carrier Sling are both great options. But my personal choice is Solly Baby Wrap. The truth is if you feel comfortable with the wrap you don’t need a carrier and can use your wrap well into toddlerhood. But for me, wrapping was too cumbersome so I knew I needed something easier to use. IMHO, Ergobaby is the best baby carrier out there. Yes, it is on a more expensive side but is worth every penny.

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woman sitting at the top of a mountain with a baby in a baby carrier

  • Playmat or gym (must-have) (1)

This might seem like not a necessary item, but my son loved his playmat more than I thought he would. This is a good place for tummy time, it teaches babies how to grab things, how to roll over and overall interact with their surroundings.

  • Backseat mirror (1)

Although backseat mirror is not recommended – it might serve as a distraction for the driver, plus it can fall on the baby during an accident – I don’t know how I could possibly drive without it. It was a definite lifesaver for me. When your baby is rear-facing, the mirror is the only way to see if your little one’s asleep or to understand the reason for their crying. I loved my  Brica Car Mirror because it comes with remote control. Whenever my boy would get fussy I’d turn it on. The soothing music and light display would instantly distract him.

  • Diaper bag (must-have) (1-2)

When choosing a diaper bag do not forget your husband’s preferences. Let’s face it, he’ll be the one carrying it around for the most part. So if you get a stylish diaper bag which is too girlie though, you might get a lot of nasty looks from your significant other. Backpack diaper bags are much easier to carry when you’re lugging around a baby.  But I personally hate backpacks and wouldn’t get one for myself in million years. I love this Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, it’s spacious and beautifully designed.


  • Infant bathtub (must-have) (1)

I remember bathing our boy for the first time was a stressful moment for my husband and I. When they are born they’re so tiny, and you’re so inexperienced and afraid to hurt them in any way. Although we had the perfect bathtub, it seemed too huge for our little boy. I’ve recently discovered this Bath Lotus, which seems to be perfect for newborns. I haven’t used it so I can’t attest to it but it does have perfect reviews. I couldn’t find the bathtub we owned, but this one looks really good too.

  • Baby bath towels (must-have) (2-6)

When it comes to baby bath towels the hooded ones are the best. I’m a big fan of aden + anais brand for everything that touches a baby’s skin, so this hooded towel is my sole recommendation.

  • Soft washcloths (must-have) (4-8)

You can’t get your newborn’s umbilical cord wet. So until it falls off, you’ll need to use wet washcloths to clean your little one. And again aden + anais washcloths are 100% cotton, soft and hold up well after multiple washings.

  • Baby shampoo and body wash (must-have) (1)

When it comes to any baby product if it is not EWG tested and verified it has nothing to do near my boy. This is my only approach, period! No big brand name – numerous lawsuits against Honest company prove this well – with their own untested claims can be trusted. There are so many hidden chemicals and toxic ingredients in baby products that I can only trust specialists in determining which ones are safe. Baby Mantra 3-1 bath, shampoo, and body wash are EWG verified and are perfect for sensitive baby skin. Most Baby Mantra baby products have been verified by EWG so whether it’s a shampoo, diaper rash ointment, lotion or massage oil you can stick with this brand and have peace of mind.

  • Baby bath sponge (must-have) (1-2)

Baby Buddy’s natural baby bath sponge is the only sponge I’ve been using since my boy’s birth. I do change it frequently for freshness, but that’s something any sponge requires.

  • Brush and comb (must-have) (1)

Most babies are born with a cradle cap, and you’ll need a gentle brush to massage your baby’s scalp and brush off those flakes. You can either get a baby care kit, a lot of new moms love these. But I’m not a big fan of these kits, as I feel many items are of cheap quality and are not even needed. Plus, I don’t like my baby products or toys to be made of plastic. Wood is what I prefer. If you agree with me on this, check out this wooden brush set.

  • Bath toys and storage (must-have) (1-3)

I love these Boon’s rubber ducks because, unlike other bath toys, these don’t suck in water. Yes, it is less fun if you can’t squirt water by squeezing the toys, but this way you don’t need to worry about the mold build-up inside. Or you can get Ubbi’s squirt toys, which come apart for easy cleaning and mold-free bath-time.  There are so many other great bath toys you can add to the collection as your baby grows, like these ABCs & 123s, this Submarine Spray Station, or Stack and Pour Cups

And of course, you’ll need some type of bath toy organizer to store all those fun bath toys.

  • Bath Tub Thermometer (1)

I myself never felt I needed a bath thermometer, but that’s probably because I live in California and always bathed my baby in cool water. Many first time moms do tend to put their babies into much hotter water than what’s safe. So if you think a bath thermometer will make your life easier, just get one.



  • Diaper pail + fillers (must-have) (1)

Although some might claim a diaper pail is not an absolute necessity – especially that the good ones are not cheap, – to all honesty I couldn’t imagine my life without one. We used our diaper pail for 2.5 years, i.e. the entire time that our son was in diapers. Believe me, you’ll be changing so many smelly diapers so you’d want to reduce the unpleasant odors around the house as much as possible. This is an absolute must-have for me. What I learned using a plastic diaper pail, is that they’re not as good as the steel ones. Unlike plastic, steel is not porous and keeps the smell shielded inside. What is also good about this Ubbi diaper pail is that it doesn’t require special bags like most of the other pails on the market.        

  • Diapers, newborn & size 1 (must-have) (2-3 boxes)

If you live in the US, you’ll receive newborn size diapers at the hospital. Most hospitals approve the Pampers Swaddlers. That’s what I received myself. But you’ll obviously need more when you go home. The thing is that babies grow so fast that there is no need to stack up on too many diapers. Pampers have recently introduced new Pure Protection Diapers which are free from fragrances and chlorine bleaching. These are my absolute favorite.

  • Baby wipes (must-have) (2-5 packs)

To be honest, I don’t understand why so many moms prefer wipes over water. I used wipes only when outside that’s why it’s a must-have on my list. If at home, I’d prefer to quickly wash my boy. What can be better than water? For the same reason, I love WaterWipes. These are of 99.9% water, fragrance, and alcohol-free, thus are perfect for sensitive baby skin.

  • Wipe warmer (1)

This is probably the least needed item of all. I don’t know why wipe warmers are so popular, but maybe that’s because I live in California. If you do live somewhere cold, you might find it helpful. Here is a highly rated one. 

  • Diaper rash cream (1)

Like with shampoo and baby wash, Baby Mantra is my go-to brand for diaper rash cream as well. It is EWG verified, which means free of any harmful chemicals or fragrances. Consider registering for Baby Mantra Newborn Essentials baby gift set, which comes with shampoo + body wash, calming lotion and diaper rash ointment.

  • Diaper Sacks (must-have) (1 pack)

This is an important item to have in your diaper bag. Whether you’re outside in a park or at your friend’s house, you’d want to be sure you seal in your baby’s smelly diaper. This is a much safer and sanitary way to dispose of soiled diapers. Plus, if you don’t plan on getting a diaper pail, you’ll definitely need these at home too.

Nursing & Feeding

  • Breast pump (must-have) (1)

I used Medela Pump in Style breast pump and loved it. Remember that most insurances cover a breast pump so do check with your insurance on this.

  • Breast milk storage containers or bags (2-10) 

These are a big necessity for working moms or any moms who prefer to freeze the breast milk for future use. If you pump a lot and then stack up your freezer with breast milk, you can continue feeding your baby with breast milk even after leaning.

  • Nursing pads (must-have) (1 pack)

Every nursing mom needs to have some type of nursing pads. One way or another you’ll have some leaking, so it’s good to have insurance – especially when you’re on the go. Save yourself from embarrassment – never leave the house without extra nursing pads. I’d been first using these Lansinoh disposable pads, but then discovered the LilyPadz reusable silicone pads. These might not work well for those girls who have heavy leaking but they worked perfectly well for me.

  • Soothing gel pads (1 pack)

When I remember my breastfeeding struggles, I want to cry. I went through so much pain the first two months, and these soothing gel pads were lifesavers for me.

  • Nursing cream (1-3)

OK, I think I used all the nursing creams out there. My friend even brought me a nursing cream from Germany. But I still felt like they didn’t do crap for me – I was in so much pain… That being said, I’m sure if I didn’t use anything things would’ve been even worse, with more cracking and bleeding. The Lansinoh’s Lanolin nipple cream is the most popular one recommended by most OBs, but again I didn’t feel much difference applying it. I liked the Earth Mama Organic nipple butter more.

  • Nursing bras (must-have) (2-4)

Your breasts will be so big and engorged, especially during first months, that you’ll want to wear something comfortable. I loved this Nursing sleep bra. It was extremely comfortable, soft, and the good thing is that it comes in different colors. For a more sexy look, this Le Mystery Sexy Mama bra was my choice.  I wore more décolleté dresses during my breastfeeding time than ever before. 

  • Nursing cover (must-have) (1)

If you’re one of those brave moms who feel comfortable breastfeeding in public without any cover, good for you. For me, a nursing cover is a must-have.  I’ve recently discovered the Covered Goods nursing cover which has become extremely popular among moms.

  • Nursing pillow (1)

I owned My Brest Friend’s nursing pillow but Boppy is also a good one. 

  • Burp cloths and drooling bibs (must-have) (6-10)

It goes without saying that you’ll need some burp cloths. There’s no need to splurge on these, so the main thing I looked for when getting mine is for them to be 100% cotton. And of course, don’t forget about bandana drool bibs, these come especially handy when you’re outside with your little one.

  • Bottles and nipples (must-have) (1 pack)

Even if you breastfeed, you’ll need to have some bottles available. You can’t always be around your baby for every feeding. Because I’m against any type of plastic, even if it’s BPA and the-hell-knows-what-else free, I only use glass bottles for all life purposes. And even more so, when it comes to feeding my baby boy. I used these Dr. Brown’s glass bottles and loved them. As your baby grows you will then need some Level 2 nipples.

  • Bottle drying rack and bottle brush (1)

I didn’t need a drying rack, because I was a stay-at-home mom who breastfed exclusively, so I occasionally used bottles. But for those with formula-fed babies or working moms, a drying rack is a must. And of course, you’ll need a bottle brush too.

  • Bottle warmer & sterilizer (1)

After the delivery when still in the hospital, I had a visit from a breastfeeding consultant who turned out to be a very nice old lady. That day she gave me an important piece of advice: “don’t sterilize your baby’s bottles!”. Babies need to be exposed to natural bacteria from day 1. The more we keep them sterile the less immune they become to all kinds of bacteria and viruses. I only washed bottles with warm water and air-dried those and NEVER had any issues. The first time my boy got sick in his life was after I stopped breastfeeding him. You’ll need to sterilize the bottles before the first use though. And if your baby is formula-fed, you’ll need a bottle warmer too. So here is a great bottle warmer and sterilizer in 1.

  • Pacifiers  and pacifier holders (3-6)

There are so many different types of pacifiers. And it all goes to your baby’s preference. So I’d recommend getting a bunch of different ones and seeing which one becomes a hit with your little one: Philips Avent Soothie, NUK, WubbaNub. Along with a pacifier, you’ll need a pacifier holder, a very needed item in your diaper bag for the times when you’re on the go.


Health & Care

  • Nasal Aspirator (must-have) (1)

A Nasal Aspirator is an absolute must-have among the baby care items. I used mine well into toddlerhood until my boy learned how to blow his nose.

  • Gaspasser (1)

To be honest I haven’t used a Gaspasser with my son as he wasn’t colicky or particularly gassy. So I can’t say if this works. It does look like a great natural solution. And based on reviews some love it, others not so much. But I’d definitely try it if there was a need for it.

  • Thermometer (must-have) (1)

You need to have an accurate and quick thermometer from day 1, so try not to save on this one. When you hold a squirming crying baby, even a couple of seconds can seem like an eternity. Thus quick reading is extremely important in a baby thermometer. For newborns, the most reliable way is taking a rectal temperature. This Safety 1st Rectal Thermometer takes only 8 seconds to give a temperature reading. After 6 months, you can rely on other thermometers, but remember that an armpit reading is the least accurate. I’ve come to realize that forehead thermometers are the easiest to use. Even if your baby’s sleeping, you can swipe the thermometer over their forehead to get the temperature.      

  • Baby Tylenol (must-have) (1)

At your very first visit to your baby’s pediatrician, you’d want to get clear instructions on what to do if your baby gets a fever. This might happen any time – on a weekend, in the middle of the night – so you want to have a clear plan of needed steps. Most pediatricians recommend baby Tylenol for newborns but of course, this is something to discuss with your pediatrician.

  • Weather protection cream (must-have) (1)

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is safe to use small amounts of sunscreen on infants. Of course, make sure you choose a sunscreen that is free of any chemicals, dyes or fragrances and apply as little as possible. And always keep your baby out of direct sunlight and in protective clothing. One of the best-scoring-baby-safe sunscreens in EWG database is Thinkbaby Sunscreen.

  • Baby nail clippers or scissors (must-have) (1)

It’s a matter of preference whether to use nail clippers or nail scissors. For some reason, I felt that using baby nail scissors would be easier and safer. I bought this Piyo Piyo Scissors and loved them. It was so easy to trim my boy’s tiny nails with these and I continue to use them with my 2.5-year-old. I’ve never used any fancy nail trimmers but those are said to be effective in saving your sweet little baby from getting their skin clipped.

  • Baby laundry detergent (1)

Of course, you can skip getting baby laundry detergent. Any fragrance and color free detergent should be fine. Don’t forget to wash all of your baby clothes before first use! I did get this Dreft Hypoallergenic Detergent. And I was glad I did. My boy had bad eczema so it felt right to use a detergent that is specifically made for sensitive baby skin.

  • Baby Scale (must-have) (1)

I remember I’d weigh my boy 2-3 times a day. EVERY DAY!!! I know I’m paranoiac, right? Well, here is the thing, when you breastfeed your baby, those first few weeks you’re not sure if you’re producing enough milk. And weighing your little one is the only way you can be sure he’s indeed gaining weight. I know I wouldn’t have slept well at nights (not that I slept well anyway!) if I didn’t have a baby scale.

PSST! OK, it’s time for the surprise tip [remember I promised you at the beginning?].

If you decide to go with Amazon baby registry, you can receive a welcome surprise box with products for parents-to-be and baby (up to $35 value). Isn’t that cool?!

To claim a Welcome Box you’ll need to:

  • sign-up for Amazon Prime,
  • complete Registry Checklist by adding products from each category to your registry or marking the category as complete,
  • make a purchase of $10.00 from your registry (either by you or your gifters).

2 hands holding a wrapped Amazon welcome box for baby registry


Before I even start writing about clothing, I should mention that you probably do not need to register for baby clothes. Normally people love to buy baby clothes as gifts. Well, can you blame them? Those are SOOO adorable!!! Therefore, you’ll most likely get more than enough. And you can always go through all your gifts after the baby shower and then get whatever else you think you’d need.

  • Coming home outfit (1)

You can’t take your baby home swaddled, as you’ll need to put him in a car seat. So, make sure you take a coming home outfit with you to the hospital. Plus depending on whether you plan to have visitors in the hospital. Or even if you don’t (like me) but they visit anyway (and that becomes such a nice surprise!), you’d, of course, want your baby to look cute in his first outfit. In addition to their first outfit, here is what else you’ll need for those first months:

I love Gap’s baby collection, you can get everything in one place and for reasonable prices.

One Last Thing

PHEW! This was LONG! And I’m sure you fell asleep halfway through. But that’s a good thing! You can always come back here. There is no way you can put the best baby registry list together in one sitting anyway. Don’t forget to Pin it for future use! And while on Pinterest, follow me for other great resources to make you future mom life much easier 🙂 

And here is a piece of advice: SLEEP SLEEP and SLEEP MORE! As much as you can; now, that you still have the chance. Because when your baby is born you’ll have to forget about peaceful sleep for the coming 2-3 years. Nevertheless, it’s so worth it!!!

I’m very excited for you, my dear mom friend! I wish you a safe and easy delivery! And I really hope this baby registry list was helpful and you found all the baby essentials you were looking for.   

With love,


How About You?


Do you have a favorite baby item that would fit perfectly in the best baby registry list? Please share in the comments below.



The Only Baby Registry List You\'ll Need: Printable Checklist Included

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  5. We received sheets for our Delta bassinet and they were a life saver (as you can imagine with all of the blow outs). It is really difficult to find sheets for all of the different size mattresses, but ours from a brand called NODNAL Co seem like they can fit many size mattresses. You can google NODNAL Co bassinet sheets and they should come up. They are super soft and in cute gray, gender neutral prints. Hope this helps!

    1. Erika, thank you so much for sharing your favorite bassinet sheets! I’m sure this will be very helpful to other moms checking this post. I’ve checked NODNAL sheets on Amazon and they do look very cute and are 100% cotton. Plus, they’re affordable too! So I’m sharing the link here to make things easier for everyone:

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