Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: Best Baby Deals

Top Baby Deals From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale through August 6

If you are up for some huge summer savings, July is the BEST month for online shopping. As if Amazon Prime Day was not good enough, now Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in its full swing. You might think that shopping at Nordstrom is the privilege of lady fashionistas but I’ll have to prove you wrong. There are really good baby deals going on right now at Nordstrom. So if you are a newly-baked mom or soon-to-be and shopping for good baby gear or clothes is all you can think about, I have some pretty good deals prepared for you.

Why Nordstrom?

Before I get to the meat of my post, let me explain why I love shopping online at Nordstrom. I hate going shopping (yes! I might be one of the rare kinds). Even the thought of going through endless aisles of clothes gives me a panic attack. So, for the most part, I do all my shopping online. And Nordstrom is my main go-to online shop for the following reasons:
• Easy-to-use interface: you can conveniently filter your search and narrow it down to what you really need.
• Free shipping and free returns: all the time! And due to such lenient return policy, Nordstrom is America’s favorite shopping destination. If you shop online, they even pay for your return package. If this is not great then what is?
• Nordstrom offers samples of almost any beauty product making it easy for you to try before you buy.


What is So Great About Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Unlike the sales by other major retailers where you get price-reductions on older items mainly from the current or past seasons,  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has BRAND NEW just released styles. Plus you get two weeks to shop: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale went live on July 21 and the prices will go up again on August 7. The tricky part here is that because the prices are so good, most popular items sell out really quick, even on the first day. So if you see something you really like, don’t let it sit in your shopping cart for too long.  I did learn it the hard way myself.

You need to realize though that this is Nordstrom so if you are at a haunt for cheap stuff, you might need to look elsewhere. But you get what you pay for so you will find here very high-quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

Anniversary Sale Baby Gear and Essentials

  Tripp Trapp High Chair –  If you’ve done your research on high chairs you would know that Tripp Trapp High Chair by Stokke is one of the best and most popular ones in the market. This sturdy wooden chair has great adjustability and will serve your little one late into toddlerhood. Plus due to its sleek design, it would go perfectly well with any furniture. The cushion and tray set is included with this model making it an amazing deal.

  Babymoov Digital Humidifier – I’ve written about this before: I strongly believe that a decent humidifier is one of the essential items in a baby nursery. If you are still at a look out for a good one, check out this digital humidifier that has adjustable humidity rate. I wish I knew that this feature in a humidifier is quite important when I was buying mine. Mine doesn’t have it and it always keeps me wondering whether I am making my son’s room too humid or not humid enough. Besides, this humidifier is also an essential oils diffuser.
  Urban Glide Jogging Stroller – Most of the jogging strollers that were part of the Anniversary Sale have already sold out. And there is a good reason for that: Nordstrom’s deals on strollers are indeed unbeatable. So do check out those that are still available. By the way, this stroller also comes in double and is also on sale. 
   Maxi-Cozi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat – When choosing a car seat, safety is number one priority for me. This car seat by Maxi-Cozi ranks high in the “securing the child” category at NHTSA website. It’s a convertible car seat so you can use it both rear facing with your infant and then forward facing. Machine washable seat pad is another bonus for any mother with all the mess that kids bring.
  M6S Baby Monitor – Another essential item in a baby nursery that gives any mother peace of mind is a baby monitor. When it features two-way audio so you can both listen and talk to your little one, even better. Although called baby monitor, this device comes even more handy with a toddler. You never know what your little troublemaker might be up to after you peacefully put him to bed. Quite often it is so much fun to watch them in their cribs.
  Luxe Hooded Towel by Little Giraffe – Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Or just need the softest towel for your own baby? Look no further. This 100% cotton towel is so cute and comes in different color options. Plus its softness is all that your baby’s sensitive skin needs 🙂

Check some other great baby gear and essentials deals here.


Best Deals on Baby Clothes and Shoes

Here is my selection of some very cute outfits on the left for the boys and on the right for the girls. My favorite Freshly Picked mocs in gender neutral gray color are also on sale. If your baby is about to start walking these are perfect for the little feet.  Made of soft leather, they are very easy to put on and do ACTUALLY  stay on.



I’ll be sharing my top picks for women’s fashion deals next so don’t miss that one! Happy Shopping!

Have you found any good Nordstrom Anniversary Sale baby deals? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. I love Nordstrom and I love their anniversary sale! My best friend just had a baby and I picked up a few things for her and her little one from the sale…of course I snagged a couple of things for me too…I just couldn’t resist! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

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