15 Super Refreshing And Healthy Mocktails For Pregnancy

Why readLooking for easy-to-make recipes of healthy mocktails for pregnancy? Here are 15 refreshing pregnancy mocktails you can make in the comfort of your home!  

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Just because you are carrying a little one this summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool!

Each one of these delicious mocktails for pregnancy is the perfect way to relax and soak up the sunshine while keeping your baby healthy!

And what’s even more important is that all of these pregnancy-safe mocktails are packed with vitamins minus all the side effects of alcohol. 

With recipes like hibiscus limeade, apple and raspberry mocktail, virgin pina colada and so many more, there is something here for whatever your favorite drink is!

Are Mocktails Safe During Pregnancy?

I have good news for you! You can have most mocktails as those are non-alcoholic drinks that are safe during pregnancy.

There are many pregnancy mocktail recipes available that use ingredients that not only are safe for pregnant women but are also healthy and nutritious. All of the mocktails in this list are safe during pregnancy.

Some do contain a small amount of sugar. Sugar is not generally considered harmful during pregnancy, but too much of it can lead to weight gain. Plus, you need to avoid sugar if there is a risk of gestational diabetes. If you’re craving a sweet mocktail, you can always substitute sugar with natural ingredients like honey or maple syrup.

OK, It’s all clear with homemade pregnancy mocktails: you control what you put in your refreshing drink thus you have full peace of mind. 

But what if your friends decide to go out?

There is no reason for you to miss out on the fun! 

You can still go to a bar and enjoy a drink. Let’s understand what you can order. 

mocktails for pregnancy

What Can You Drink At Bars When Pregnant? 

When ordering a drink at a bar, make sure you mention that you want a non-alcoholic mocktail. Sometimes bartenders include small amounts of alcohol in mocktails too but you want to avoid alcohol altogether

Another ingredient to be aware of is caffeine. Caffeine is present in some sodas and energy drinks, which are often used as mixers for mocktails. While moderate amounts of caffeine are safe during pregnancy, it’s best to limit your intake to 200 mg per day.

The best thing for you to do is to ask the bartender for a non-alcoholic, caffeine- and sugar-free mocktail.

Alternatively, you can check if the bartender would make your own mix. Find a mix that you prefer from these 15 pregnancy-safe mocktails and request it from the bartender.

With a few simple swaps, you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing mocktail that’s safe for pregnancy even at a bar!  

15 Best Summer Mocktails For Pregnancy 

Look through this list of easy and healthy pregnancy mocktails to find the one that you like.

I’ve included a short description and pictures for each mocktail.

I know! All these virgin drinks for pregnancy look so good, you’d probably want them all. But when you find the one and only, click on the individual link for that particular pregnancy mocktail for a detailed recipe. 

And who said you can’t have them all?

The summer is ahead of us! To remember this list of summer mocktails for pregnancy Pin it to your favorite pregnancy board and come back whenever you crave a cold refreshing drink! 

Also, don’t forget to include superfoods for pregnancy in your diet for healthy and nutritious meals. 

1. Apple and Raspberry Mocktail

This raspberry mocktail is super refreshing and is ideal for pregnant moms. It’s packed with fresh raspberries and is simple to whip up! Plus, soda water may help if you feel nauseous. 

Ingredients needed

  • apple juice,
  • fresh raspberries,
  • agave nectar,
  • apple cider vinegar,
  • soda water,
  • ice

apple raspberry mocktail for pregnancy


2. Virgin Piña Colada

This Virgin Piña Colada recipe is so easy to make. It requires only 5 minutes of your time and tastes almost like the original. 

Ingredients needed

  • pineapple,
  • cream of coconut – or substitute with coconut milk for a healthier option,
  • lime juice,
  • simple syrup (optional) or substitute with honey or maple syrup for a low sugar option
  • ice cubes,
  • optional garnishes (maraschino cherries or pineapple wedges)

Piña-Colada-pregnancy mocktail

3. Apple Lemon Mint Fruit Cooler

This Fruit Cooler is a simple blend of apple juice, lemon juice, and fresh mint.  An amazingly thirst-quenching mocktail for hot summer days. 

Ingredients needed

  • apple juice,
  • lemon juice,
  • fresh mint,
  • crushed ice

Apple-Lemon-Mint-pregnancy mocktail

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4. Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

This super refreshing Watermelon Mojito Mocktail combines some juicy watermelon with fresh mint, lime juice, and sparkling water. 

Ingredients needed

  • watermelon,
  • frozen strawberries,
  • mint,
  • lime,
  • maple syrup (or use agave syrup or honey instead),
  • brown caster sugar (or replace with more maple syrup),
  • sparkling water,
  • ice cubes.  

watermelonmojito_low sugar mocktail for pregnancy

5. Peach Mocktail

This peach mocktail is the taste of summer, made with fresh sweet fruit and a little honey. A fun drink that is perfect for a night in or special occasions. It has its true place among low sugar mocktails for pregnancy! 

Ingredients needed

  • peaches,
  • honey,
  • mint leaves,
  • sparkling water,
  • ice. 

peach honey mocktail

6. Blue Lagoon Mocktail

Want to go a little fancy with your mocktail? Who said you couldn’t fun mocktails while pregnant?! This blue lagoon mocktail is a 3-minute non-alcoholic and delicious virgin drink that everyone will enjoy! The sweet & fruity flavor comes from fresh citrus and sweet blue curaçao syrup. And don’t worry! While blue curaçao is a sweet and slightly bitter liqueur it contains no alcohol so consider this a pregnancy-safe mocktail

Ingredients needed

  • non-alcoholic gin,
  • blue curaçao syrup,
  • lemonade,
  • fresh lime,
  • fresh lemon wedges,
  • maraschino cherries.

Blue-Lagoon pregnancy safe mocktail


7. Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail

This easy Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail is a delicious drink for any celebratory breakfast or brunch and perfect for Mother’s Day! It can also serve as a great vitamin C boost making it a perfect healthy mocktail for pregnancy. 

Ingredients needed

  • white grape juice,
  • orange juice,
  • lemon lime sparkling water,
  • raspberry extract or raspberry flavoring,
  • orange slice,
  • frozen raspberries.

Mimosa healthy mocktail for pregnancy


8. Rainbow Fruit Spritzer Mocktail

A delicious mocktail for pregnancy can’t get any easier and healthier than this! Whip up this delicious and colorful Rainbow Spritzer as a fun treat on hot days with a whole load of fresh fruit and just 5 minutes of prep.

Ingredients needed

  • your favorite fruit of different colors,
  • sprite (or other lemon lime flavored soda or lemonade)

Rainbow-Spritzer-pregnancy mocktail


9. Sparkling Pomegranate Lemon Cooler

So for this delicious mocktail, you’ll need to do a little prep work to make homemade grenadine syrup, but it’s totally worth it, I promise! Plus, loaded with fresh fruit and mint leaves it’s a very pretty drink to serve.

Ingredients needed

  • pomegranate juice,
  • white sugar,
  • lemon juice,
  • orange blossom water (optional),
  • sparkling cloudy lemonade,
  • raspberries and blueberries (optional),
  • fresh mint (optional),
  • ice cubes. 

Sparkling-Pomegranate-Lemon-Cooler pregnancy mocktail

10. Jalapeño Mule Mocktail

Are you craving a little spicy (not uncommon during pregnancy, I have to say)? Then you should give this Jalapeño Mule Mocktail a try. What makes this simple mocktail best for pregnancy is ginger beer – it helps with nausea! Plus, spicy food is a natural way to induce labor if you’re late.  

Ingredients needed

  • ginger beer,
  • lemon juice,
  • agave nectar,
  • jalapeño pepper,
  • crushed ice,


11. Lime Mojito Mocktail

Lime and mint make a refreshing summer mocktail for pregnant moms. It’s so good you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the mojitos.

Ingredients needed

  • lime,
  • mint leaves,
  • agave syrup,
  • lemon syrup,
  • sparkling water,
  • crushed ice.

lime mojito mocktail

12. Rhubarb Mocktail

This very pretty rhubarb mocktail is the perfect combination of sweet fruit, with a hint of tartness from the rhubarb. A fun drink to enjoy during pregnancy!

Ingredients needed

  • rhubarb,
  • basil leaves,
  • honey,
  • still water,
  • sparkling water,
  • ice cubes.

rhubarb mocktail

13. Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

Another delicious mojito mocktail recipe this time with strawberries.  This super refreshing pregnancy-safe mocktail is light and easy to make with a few healthy, fresh ingredients. Perfect for hot summer days!

Ingredients needed

  • coconut water,
  • fresh strawberries,
  • mint leaves,
  • lime juice,
  • soda water or sparkling water,
  • ice cubes,
  • optional garnishes: strawberries, mint, lime. 

strawberry mojito mocktail

14. Virgin Bloody Mary Mocktail

What a better party drink than a Bloody Mary?! Make it virgin plant based and it becomes an ideal mocktail for pregnant women. This version of the all-time favorite drink is packed with flavor and healthy veggies. 

Ingredients needed

  • tomato juice,
  • green olives brine,
  • cucumber,
  • celery,
  • lemon juice,
  • horseradish,
  • garlic,
  • vegan Worcestershire sauce,
  • hot sauce. 

best virgin drinks for pregnancy Bloody-Mary

15Passionfruit and Elderflower Fizz

This passionfruit and elderflower fizz is a vibrant and zingy virgin drink, perfect if you want an easy thirst quenching mocktail during pregnancy.

Ingredients needed

  • elderflower cordial,
  • passionfruit,
  • lime,
  • sparkling water,
  • ice cubes.

Passionfruit-and-Elderflower mocktail

One Last Thing

There you have it! 15 delicious, easy to make and refreshing mocktails for pregnancy

Make them for a backyard party, a relaxing evening by the pool, or just as a refreshing vitamin-packed drink on those hottest summer days. These are also great as holiday mocktails! 

Your Turn

Have you tried making any of these summer mocktails for pregnant ladies? Let me know in the comments how it turned out! 

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15 Super Refreshing And Healthy Mocktails For Pregnancy

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