13 Amazingly Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Why readLooking for creative ways to sneak in healthy into your child’s meal this Halloween? Check out these 13 healthy Halloween snacks for kids that are spooky and fun. 

It’s mid-October, which means most of the kids – my son included – count days to Halloween. 

And while kids look forward to all the candy and sweets, we moms think how to sneak in healthy treats. 

Check out these super creative – and what’s most importantly healthy! –  Halloween snack ideas for kids. Most of them are easy-to-make and can be packed into your child’s lunch box to enjoy in school. 


1. Spooky Spider Energy Balls – There is so much goodness packed in these small nutritious energy balls: dried fruit, seeds, oats, honey. Plus, they are very easy to make no-bake treats. 

Halloween snack ideas for kids

2. Witch Chips and Guacamole – This witch made of chips and guacamole is an excellent Halloween party food for both younger and older kids alike. 

Halloween snacks for kids

3. Spooky Spiderweb Bananas – This doesn’t require cooking or prepping. Just take a banana and make spiderweb out of the skin. That’s it – so simple! 

banana spiderweb for Halloween

4. Mini Ghost Pizzas – Pizza is always a hit with kids. And when it looks like a mini ghost even better. 

Halloween snacks for kids


5. Monster Apple Bites – These fun apple monsters might not look very spooky but will certainly bring a smile to your kid’s face. Instead of edible eyes, you could use berries or whatever you can find that would look good as an eye. 

Halloween snacks for kids


6. Spider Cookies – This is a fun recipe to make with the kids. You can use it to bake all sorts of fun shaped cookies from spiders to bats to witches hats. These will be a hit in your preschooler’s classroom. 

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Halloween snacks for kids


7. Roasted Halloween Vegetables – Don’t we always look for ways to sneak in more veggies into our children’s meals? Check out these fun carvings you can make of all kinds of vegetables. Isn’t witch hat adorable? 

Halloween snacks for kids

8. Halloween Fruit Treats – What a better snack for a kid than fruits? No child can resist their fruit snacks when they look this fun. Plus quick and easy to make for mom! 

Halloween fruit treats for kids


9. Pumpkin Oat Cookies – Another healthy and delicious cookie your kids will love. Use seeds or nuts to decorate. 

Halloween snacks for kids


10. Mummy Hot Dogs – This is by far one of the most popular Halloween treats out there. You’ll see Halloween mummies made of all kinds of different foods on Pinterest. All you need to do is wrap thin strips of dough around hot dogs or your favorite veggies (carrots, bell peppers, zucchini – all will do). And voila! You have funny looking mummies. 

mummy hot dogs for halloween


11. Ghost Meringue Cookies – Don’t these look cute? You can add food coloring and make them look cool although white ones look the best, IMHO. 

Halloween cookies for kids


12. Apple Turnover Mummies – I couldn’t resist to include another mummy recipe in this roundup. These look super delicious and fun to make. 

Apple mummies for Halloween

13. Pumpkin Yogurt Bites – Pumpkin and yogurt what could be healthier? I’d use plain yogurt instead of vanilla for this recipe and just add blended fruit for the taste. 

Pumpkin yogurt snack for halloween


There you have it! 13 of the healthiest and easy-to-make Halloween snacks for kids. These all are great for your toddler or preschooler lunch box, as after school snack or Halloween party food. Even if you’re not a crafty mom, you can easily make most of these. 

Have a fun and spooky Halloween! 

And let me know in the comments what’s your favorite healthy Halloween snack for kids this fall. 

13 Amazingly Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

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