10 Fun Halloween Books for Babies

Why read: Looking for fun Halloween books for babies? Here is a round-up of 10 super fun Halloween baby books for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

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Halloween is such a fun time for the whole family!

While the littlest member may not be able to eat candy, Halloween baby books are a great way to let them enjoy the fun!

Building a love of reading from the youngest age helps to nurture curiosity and exploration. Many of these fun baby Halloween books will become instant favorites for your child.

There are some that have flaps, a few that have textures to touch, some that make noise, and even a few with puppets! Enjoy the spooky season with a few fun Halloween stories curled up reading and exploring these books together.

My First Halloween

No age is too young to introduce a book. Even if you’ll be spending Halloween with a newborn, you can’t go wrong with a black and white high-contrast baby Halloween book. The bold and simple images in this book will help your baby focus without overstimulating.  

Ages 0-12 months.

My first Halloween book



Baby Touch and Feel Board book

This is a small colorful book perfect for introducing your baby or toddler to all things Halloween. The pictures are fun and entertaining! Your little one will enjoy touching different textures which are small just right for the little fingures. Plus the book is quite sturdy and can hold up well to numerous page turnings. 

Ages 0-2


One, Two… Boo!

If your little one loves pop-up books, she’d be thrilled about opening the flaps and seeking out what’s behind in this book. This book is a lift the flap journey counting through a spooky house! While the flaps are not as thick and sturdy as one would expect in a book for the littlest readers, with supervision from an adult this makes an adorable little book. It helps with teaching counting as well.

Ages 1-3


Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin?

Any Karen Katz book is always a hit with babies. This is another fun lift-the-flap book full of surprises. The pictures are sparkly and glittery with beautiful colors and different textures. It will keep your baby engaged and reaching for it over and over. My girl is 16 months (Halloween is in two weeks) and loves it even more now than last year. 

Ages 0-2




Babies Love Halloween

If you love the books in the Babies Love series, Babies Love Halloween will be a great addition to your collection. It’s a fun lift-the-flap board book for the tiniest monsters. The flaps are very high quality and sturdy. You can let your little one grasp and lift them which will help with developing fine motor skills. The bright colors and interesting details will continue to keep your little one’s attention Halloween after Halloween! 

Ages 0-5


Peek-a-flap BOO

What is the greatest way to talk to your baby about Halloween traditions? Of course with a festive Halloween book for babies full of peek-a-boo surprises and fun facts. While your baby might be too young to appreciate all the trivia knowledge like where the most pumpkins in the US are grown, or which country believes black cats are good luck, you’ll love to learn something new yourself while having fun with the baby at the same time! 

Ages 1-4

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One Last Thing

With these super fun Halloween books for babies, you can include the littlest members of the family in the fun. And while your baby might not be able to appreciate all the fuss around the holidays, bringing the seasonal magic and memories it will bring is so worth it! 

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite Halloween baby book that’s not on the list? Please share with us in the comments. 
10 Fun Halloween Books for Babies

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