15 Fun Beach Toys Your Child Won’t Want to Stop Playing With

Why read: Looking for fun beach toys for kids this summer? Here is a round up of 15 highly-rated amazon beach toy ideas for kids of all ages. 

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Summer is in full swing! 

You dream of a yet another fun day at the beach.

Why wouldn’t you?! This global pandemic was a big reminder to spend more time outdoors with the family when the weather is nice and there are no restrictions. 

And maybe you’ll even have a minute or two or ten to lie down with your favorite book soaking the sun and relaxing on the beach?! 


The kids will never let you have a little “me time”. Or will they?! Super fun beach toys can do the trick, trust me! 

I’ve rounded up 15 highly-rated amazon beach toys for kids of all ages to play with this summer.

And some are good for adults too! 

Take a look through this list and find the best beach toy that will make your next beach trip a blast for the kids.

And you! Because after all you might want to ditch the book and just join on the fun! 

a little boy playing with a fun beach toy

1. Super Water Blaster

This two-pack of water guns is great for the beach and the backyard alike. They hold just over a liter of water and boast a range of up to 32 feet! 

water gun as a fun beach toy2. Ultimate Skip Ball

This set comes with two lightweight balls and one disc that skips across the water when thrown and create a fun splash. The toys float so you don’t lose them if you miss your catch. This is a great choice for groups of all ages. And you’ll have a great time as a family! 

3. Baby Shark Mini Water Guns

If your child is into Baby Shark, these mini water guns are a great choice. They are small and easy to hold for little kids. They also have an easy-open tank so young children can learn to refill them on their own.

baby shark mini water guns as a fun beach toy

4. Reusable Water Balloons

If you have a kid that’s not a fan of swimming but still wants to get wet, a set of reusable beach balls might be just what you’re looking for. They’re better than regular water balloons, especially at the beach, because there is no latex waste or filling and tying. Simply soak them in water, throw and repeat! And of course, these are also perfect for the backyard water fight all summer long. 

water balloon as a fun beach toy

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5. Penguin Inflatable Set

This inflatable floaty set sconces with a full-sized penguin-shaped seat and a matching baby penguin beach ball. They’re quick to blow up and come with repair kits just in case!

penguin inflatable set as a fun beach toy

6. Floating Basketball Hoop and Ring Toss

This inflatable game set is great for the pool and the beach alike. (Just make sure the ring toss stays on the sand at the beach so you don’t lose the rings.) It comes with one basketball and 8 rings. Reviewers have also said that the material is nice and sturdy so you shouldn’t have to worry about deflation.

7. Pastel Sand Toys with Carrying Bag

A cute version of the classic beach toys, this set comes with a bucket, shovel, watering can, rake, water wheel, and several other accessories. Pop it all in the mesh storage bag for easy transportation. But the best part is that the bucket is collapsable so it doesn’t have to take up extra space in the car on beach day! This set is probably one of the best among amazon beach toys. 

sand toys

8. Amphibious RC Stunt Vehicle

This RC stunt car is a super fun beach toy because it works on the sand and on the water. It is well designed to be completely waterproof on the inside and has a run time of up to 2 hours before needing a recharge. My son is never particularly gentle with his cars and we were pleasantly surprised by how well this toy held up! 

9. Underwater Digital Camera

This digital camera with a completely waterproof case is great for those kids who love doing tricks underwater. It takes pictures and records videos (be aware that the videos have no sound when using the waterproof case). It also comes with a lanyard strap to keep from getting lost.

waterproof camera case as a fun beach toy

10. Octopus Kite 3-Pack

What’s more of a classic summer vacation activity than flying a kite at the beach? These kites are made from quality rip-stop polyester with extra reinforcement to help them fly better. The shape of the octopus means there are no poles to set up and you can start flying as soon as you get to the beach! 

octopus kyte as a fun beach toy

11. Slammo Volleyball Game

Slammo is a great variation on Volleyball without the setup of a big net. It’s easy to transport and great fun for older kids through adults. Your team gets three hits to spike the ball into the net. Then you go back and forth until one team can’t return the spike. The rules are simple and the competition is fun! Highly recommended for active families. 

12. National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

If you’ve got a kid that enjoys the idea of treasure hunting, this smaller version of National Geographic’s professional metal detector would be a great addition to your next beach trip. It’s got an adjustable height and folds down for compact transportation and storage. The detector coils are waterproof as well. 

13. Sand Castle Bucket Mold

This 4-pack of sandcastle molds is in the list of best beach toys for toddlers. Making a beautiful sandcastle is as easy as filling the bucket with wet sand and flipping it upside down. These buckets are also made to stack together for smaller storage. (Shovel not included.)

sand castle buckets as fun beach toys

14. Toss and Catch Paddle Set

This 4-person paddle and ball set has been upgraded to have a stronger stick and to now be waterproof, making it a great addition to your fun beach toys. The sticky paddle also makes catching easier for smaller children who haven’t quite figured it out yet. 

toss and catch fun beach toy

15. Ride-On Excavator Crane

Remember those excavator seats on the edge of the sandbox at the park? Turns out you can get one on wheels!  It’s got 8” wheels and rotates 360 degrees. This toy is tons of fun for kids who like digging or are in a construction toy phase. This will become the best addition to your fun beach toys set! 

excavator crane as a fun beach toy

One Last Thing

While going to the beach with the kids might seem like a lot of work for the mom, all the fun and memories made together is so wroth it. Plus this is a great way to keep the kids away from the computers.

And before you know it the summer will be over. So do take more trips to the beach and don’t forget one or two fun beach toys from this list. 

Your Turn

What’s your kid’s favorite beach toy that they can play with for hours? Please share with us in the comments. 
15 Fun Beach Toys Your Child Won’t Want to Stop Playing With

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