Forest Themed Christmas Decorations

Turn Your Christmas Decorating into Forest Magic with Your Child 

I’ve never been good at any DIY projects. Not sure why: maybe lack of creativity, maybe I’m just too lazy or maybe I just like to go the easy way and buy things. I’ve never even actually thought about the real reason for that. What I’m really good at though (and really enjoy!) is going out of my way in making my son’s life fun and full of interesting and educational activities. 

With every new day, I try to find something new for him to experience and learn from. And with the Christmas approaching, I knew I wanted my son’s full participation in the whole Christmas extravaganza. my boy is almost 2.5 now and that’s the age when he appreciates to the fullest being involved in everything that is going on around him. So we greatly enjoyed our time together decorating the Christmas tree, making our Christmas wreath from scratch, wrapping gifts and overall ENJOYING (and not stressing out, as I normally do!) about the days leading to the Christmas and New Year.

I wish I could’ve shared this post with you much earlier not just about a week before Christmas. I really wanted this to be an inspiration for anyone looking for some Christmas decoration ideas but as it usually happens, mom life got in the way and also I am so bad at DIY that everything took me twice as much time as I initially had planned. I was really clueless where to look for the materials I needed: I would head to Home Depot when actually  Michael’s was my place to go.  I still want to share this post with you just in case that maybe there is someone who is as late as I am and finds it helpful. Plus I hope you’ll enjoy reading about our project and browsing through the pictures of what we actually achieved.

Christmas Wreath

Making Christmas wreath from scratch was by far the most educational part of all decoration activities that we’ve done with my son.  There is just so much that we’ve (that’s right, WE!) learned with him in the process. Let me start from the beginning.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to make a Christmas wreath and as it usually happens with those pretty YouTube videos or Pinterest pictures things seemed so simple; in real life – not so much. I had a clear design of what I wanted to create in my head,  final results – not even close.  But I’m still very happy with what we created and I have to admit that all the credit of the wreath design goes to my son.

First, we went out to some local parks and collected pretty much everything we came across: branches of evergreen, pine cones, berries, leaves of different colors. Leaves didn’t actually go into the wreath but that’s what my son insisted on gathering the most, so I had to go with him on that.

We had so much fun running around parks and looking for what we thought would make the perfect wreath. Plus there is so much I learned myself like where to look for pine cones, when is the actual season of pine cones,  which tree pine cones grow on.  Pine cones are the best home decor pieces out there!! I’m so surprised I’ve never before collected them to just put around my house.  We ended up using pine cones for the tree, for the wreath,  to just put in a bowl.

My son learned to appreciate the beauty of the nature. Besides, I talked to him about the symbolism behind a Chrismas wreath and how it represents the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the cross and how the little red berries resemble drops of blood. Whenever we go to church I talk to him about our Heavenly Father and his son, so it was very interesting for him to learn how Christmas wreath is connected to Christmas. 

Here is what we used to create our Christmas wreath:

And of course, all the natural materials that Mother Nature gave us. So what we basically did was putting everything we got from parks in no particular order on the frame with the help of the floral wire. Here is our final result! I think, not bad for our first wreath. And I am so proud of my boy as this is totally and utterly his design! 

Christmas Tree

As for the Christmas tree decorations, I wanted everything to be as much fun for my son as possible. Because he’s really into animals now I couldn’t have thought of anything better than creating a theme of forest magic with Christmas tree covered in snow and different animals and birds hanging on it as main ornaments. The idea came to me when I went out to check ornaments in Pier 1 and I just fell in love with all the animal and bird ornaments that they had there. Animals like deer, hedgehogs, small and big birds. All of that was just perfect for my Christmas tree.


Here are the links to all of my Christmas tree decorations. If you still need Christmas ornaments to add to your tree, you can look through these links to get an idea and then head to your local Pier 1 to shop for the ones you liked. Most of these ornaments are under clearance so as always it is cheaper to shop for decorations now, the closer it gets to Christmas. Or you can browse through all other Christmas decorations at this link


Although the whole process was rocky, I’m so happy that we had so much fun with our decorations this year. Our Christmas tree is surreally beautiful, the wreath looks so dreamy and smells so magically. I feel so proud for my son that he had his part in all of this. My heart melts to see how every morning he runs up to the tree and starts to play with the ornaments, he talks to his animal friends,  rearranges them and our living room does really filled up with forest magic. His own animal toys also came in handy, you can check out my post here for some other great gift ideas for toddlers. 
And here is another picture of our PERFECT forest themed Christmas tree with the lights on 🙂

How about you? Did you have a theme in mind when decorating your tree? Please do share in the comments, I’d love to know 🙂  

And finally, before you go! If you liked reading this post, please share it with your friends so that they can also see the magic my son and I created this year. Sharing is caring! 🙂 


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  1. I really loved this especially the making of the wreath. I’ve never successfully created a wreath. Also love the forest theme. This year we did a vintage Christmas theme.

  2. What a wonderful activity to do with toddlers! We just got a mini christmas tree and I’d love to have my toddler help decorate! I love these tips and will try these this week.

  3. I always thought making a wreath would be difficult but you made it seem so easy, and yours looks great! I also love that your little boy was involved in every step of the way! Great ideas!

  4. I lack the patience for diy and I have utmost respect for those who can manage it with a kid. Kudos to you. Your kid looks like he had a lot of fun and must be proud of himself too.

  5. You look like an awesome DIY’er to me! I love this, it’s so unique and it looks like it was so much fun.

  6. These are so pretty! I’ve never really done DIY decorations but as my daughter grows I want to make it a tradition to make some with her.