Father’s Day Gift Guide: 15 Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Choose From

Why read: If you’re in search of gift ideas for your husband this Father’s Day, check out my Father’s Day gift guide for some inspiration.

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Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your husband as a father.

In the everyday busyness of parenting, we quite often take each other for granted and don’t appreciate what our husbands do enough.

Do you sometimes pause to admire what a great dad your husband is for your kids?

How your son looks up to your husband and seeks his approval? And how that single “you can do it” coming from his dad’s mouth gives him the strength to push harder.

Or how your daughter rushes to her daddy to get that sweet cuddle as soon as he’s back home from work?

Motherhood is hard, there’s no doubt about that. As wives and moms we sacrifice so much and work so hard to have our family’s needs met. Day in and day out!

But have you ever thought what it would’ve been like without your husband by your side?

And while one day a year is certainly not enough to show our love and appreciation for the father figure in our children’s lives, celebrating Father’s Day with a thoughtful gift from your kid to their father will certainly lighten up both your husband’s and kid’s day. And what’s the most important it’ll create memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

Here’s my Father’s Day gift guide for you with 15 thoughtful gift ideas. 

Personalized Gifts Dads of Small Kids Will Appreciate (And Maybe Shed a Tear or Two)

Personalized books are a perfect gift if you have small kids. Your child will love to be read to by his dad a book about fatherhood and dad’s love toward him. There are a number of great options to choose from. Here are my top picks. You do need to order soon (ideally, before June 5). Because it takes time to personalize the book and delivery takes longer these days due to COVID-19.

1. “My Dad” Personalized Book from LucyGifts

A cute picture book with personalized child and dad names. You also get to personalize where dad lives, one hobby that daddy and child do, and dad’s year of birth. All the pages are on the display which makes it easy to look through all the pictures and text before ordering. 

Check out other great books for dads from LucyGifts shop, like this “Dear Daddy” one or “Why I’m Daddy’s Boy/Girl” one. 

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Personalized book for father's day gift guide


2. Daddy and Me Board Book from Pinhole Press

To create this custom board book you need to upload your favorite pictures and add text in large, easy-to-read type. Preserve your favorite Daddy and Me moments for your husband and your child. They’ll both love looking through their treasured pictures together. 

If your child is older and can write, check out also their “All About My Dad” Photo Book with write-in areas for your child to complete. 

There are lots of other things at Pinhole Press that can be customized and serve as a great Father’s Day gift – photo puzzles, calendars, framed photo collages, etc. 

Personalized father's day book

3. Super Dad! Personalized Storybook 

Is there a dad that doesn’t love to read about super heroes? How about making him one? With this personalized storybook you can add your husband’s face and name to make him the superhero star of the story.  It’ll be interesting to watch who’ll be more thrilled your child or your husband 😀 

super dad book for father's day

4. I Love You This Much Personalized Book from Wonderbly

Another beautifully illustrated book you can personalize with your husband’s and child’s information. It’s recommended for ages 0-3 but I think it would work perfectly fine for up to 6 years of age. While on Wonderbly’s website you can check out their kids’ books that can be also personalized with your child’s name. 

personalized fathers day book

5. You’ll Always Be My Little Boy/Girl Personalized Book from Hooray Heroes 

Another cute book to personalize. In this book, Dad imagines the everyday moments that become memories of bonding with his child. Beautiful illustrations and heartfelt text that your dear ones will love reading through. 

Personalized book for fathers day gift

6. Happy Father’s Day Personalized Book from LoveBook 

This book would work great with older kids. You can custom make it together with your child by personalizing each page to fit your child’s story. Your husband would love reading through all the reasons why he’s being loved. A truly one-of-a-kind gift! 

Personalized book for fathers day


Besides books, there are other gifts you could personalize to make them perfect for Father’s Day. Here are some ideas for you.  

7. Personalized Family Name Keychain 

This high-quality stainless steel keychain can be personalized with your kids’ names and a special quote. Your husband will certainly cherish his kids’ names in his keychain. 

Personalized keychain for fathers day


8. Custom Face Socks from DivvyUp

How about your kid’s face on your husband’s socks? Sounds fun or creepy, lol? It seems many find them fun and cute as these socks are extremely popular as the perfect gift for Father’s Day. 

custom face socks for father's day

9. This Awesome Dad Belongs To Personalized Shirt from Nama Shop

A new T-shirt is never a bad idea for a man and when it’s personalized with his kids’ names even better. 

personalized t-shirt for father's day

10. Personalized Charcoal Portrait from GkArtStudio

This is such a unique and perfect gift for Father’s Day. Having your husband’s and child’s charcoal drawing will certainly be a hit with your husband. 

personalized charcoal portrait for father's day gift guide


There is a huge variety of other gifts that you can choose from and personalize on Etsy, check them all out here

Super Thoughtful Gifts Any Dad Would Love 

If you’re not so much into sentimental gifts and rather need ideas for more practical but thoughtful ones, I have some suggestions for you there too. 

11. Engraved Personalized Leather Wallet from StayFinePersonalized

Is it time to update your husband’s wallet? Check out this personalized leather one. You can’t go wrong with its simple yet classy design! 

personalized leather wallet for father's day

12. AirPods Pro

If your husband doesn’t own AirPods Pro, you can become the wife of the year by getting him a pair of these. With superb sound quality and noise-canceling these AirPods – like any other Apple product – will be a big hit with men. 

13. Swim Shorts 

Summer is days away! Why not get your husband ready and all excited about the beach season with a pair of stylish swim shorts? 

14. Hydro Flask Water Bottle 

Another summer essential is this stainless steel, vacuum insulated water bottle which keeps beverages ice cold for 24 hours. 

15. Blue Light Shield Glasses 

Does your husband spend his whole day working in front of the computer? Help him reduce eyestrain caused by extended periods of screen time with these blue light shielding glasses. 

One Last Thing

Even if it’s once a year, spoil the strong male figure in your life with one of these amazing gifts. The best thing is watching your kid get all excited about giving his dad the best gift out there. 


Your Turn 

Do you have the perfect gift in mind for your baby’s daddy? Or choosing something from my father’s day gift guide? Please share with us in the comments!

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Father\'s Day Gift Guide: 15 Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Choose From

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