10 Essential Kitchen Tools for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Use These Cookware Items to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Perfect 

The most anticipated dinner of the year is just days away!! Whether you will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner just for your husband or all of your near and far relatives, I am sure you want it to be perfect. With so much preparation and cooking don’t you wish you had better tools at your disposal? Let me share your overwhelm with you by offering you a list of 10 cookware items that’ll make your preparations a lot easier. 

There are women who just love cooking. My sister is one of those women, for example. Whenever she cooks and whatever she cooks – always comes out super delicious. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women. I have to admit that cooking is a chore for me. But I still cook a lot as I want my son to eat healthy homemade food. And I’ve come to realize that with the right cookware cooking can become if not enjoyable at least not as dreadful for me.

I’ve done a great deal of research and now I’ve started to buy only the best items for my kitchen. If in the process of finalizing your Thanksgiving menu, you notice that your kitchen is missing some essential equipment, here are my picks.

Main Course Cookware

When it comes to Thanksgiving menu, you might have very interesting variations in mind but the main course is of course all about the turkey. So here is what you’ll need to prepare and serve that crisp-skinned roasted turkey.

All-Clad Roasting Pan – All-Clad pans are one of the best out there. I own a couple of regular ones and I love them. Yes, they are on a more expensive side but are so worth it. This non-stick roasting pan that comes with a non-stick rack will be the only roasting pan you’ll ever need.

Oven Roasting Bags – Have you tried cooking your poultry in a roasting bag?  I found this to be the most foolproof way of getting a crispy-skinned but at the same time moist and tender turkey.

Digital Food Thermometer – An undercooked or overcooked turkey can become any host’s nightmare. Using a digital food thermometer will help you remove the bird from the oven when it reaches the right temperature.

Dripless Baster – If you are an experienced cooker of turkey or any other roasts, you know that the secret to flavorful and golden brown meat is blasting. This baster is an important tool in your kitchen if you and your family love roasted meats.

Turkey and Poultry Lifters – I didn’t even know until recently that there is this very convenient tool that makes lifting any heavy bird so much easier.

Professional Carving Set – One way or another you’ll need a professional meat carving set. Be it turkey, ham, beef – the fork gives a stable hold on whatever you’re carving and German steel sharp knife will make your slices as thin as you can get. Here is a more affordable option.

Fat Separator – I am not a big fan of gravy and my husband isn’t either, so I don’t even know how to make gravy. What I do know though that you need a fat separator to strain your gravy. This one is Amazon’s best seller and has perfect reviews.


Cookware for Casseroles and Dessert

While turkey is always the main dish for Thanksgiving, there are limitless side dishes that a host can introduce to the guests. For the most part, those are traditional Thanksgiving casseroles and of course delicious pies for dessert. Regardless of what you end up choosing for your Thanksgiving menu, these pans and dishes will help you immensely in your cooking. 

Round Casserole – Use this stylish dish to prepare stuffing and casseroles. It is now on sale on Amazon for $28.56 or $38.94 depending on color down from $100. This round casserole is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. 

Pie Dish – This pie dish is the perfect addition to any cook’s kitchenware. Not only can it be used for baking the pie but its beautiful French design makes it perfect for the due display as well. It comes in different color and is scratch and glaze resistant. 

Pastry Mat with Measures – Rolling out dough is made easy with this nonstick silicone pastry mat which also has measures. It is high heat resistant, helps to keep moisture and won’t retain odors. 

Do you have any other absolute cookware must-haves for Thanksgiving dinner preparation? Please share with us in the comments!  

And finally, before you go! If you liked reading this post and found some helpful items for yourself, please share it with your friends so that they can also take advantage of it. Sharing is caring! 🙂 


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  1. I agree…the right equipment certainly does make a difference! I wish I had a professional carving set…that is the one thing that always gives me a hard time! Great list!!

    1. It’s better to save and then get a high-quality German steel, it will make your life so much easier when it comes to slicing!

  2. This is very useful. This post includes all of the things needed for a successful thanksgiving dinner. Thanks, I will keep these items in mind.

  3. I’m so happy I’m not the cook in the family! There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market that I’m just lost! Lol Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely recommend them to the cook:)

  4. Aaahhh, just in time… I live in Switzerland, and we always celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday (because «real» Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here), and my mom just fell ill so I said I’d do it at my house… WITH THIRTEEN GUESTS! Gaaah, wish me luck and here’s hoping I can survive without a turkey baster. Thanks for the inspo and have a great day!

    1. Good luck! You still have time to prepare, early preparation will help to avoid getting stressed the day of cooking. Plus you will need to have some time left getting groomed and looking stunning, right?! 😉

  5. This was extremely informative! My family always used a nice carving set growing up and I never really understood it until I got older. Thank you for sharing!

  6. All great things to keep in mind! I think this year my go-to tool is going to be my food processor! I have tons of chopping and slicing! This is my first year tackling Thanksgiving for whole family… have about 23 guests!

    1. A decent food processor is always number one tool for any kitchen! Wow, 23 guests – it’s got you have a good food processor 😅