Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

From stocking stuffers to toys and clothing, this guide will help you get some amazing Christmas gifts for your toddler son!

This is by far my most favorite blog post! My son is 2 now and that’s the age when he appreciates any gift. Seeing excitement and glee in those little eyes when giving him a new toy brings so much happiness to us. My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying gifts for him. And now that we are telling him about Christmas and New Year and how Santa will be coming and bringing him lots of toys, the anticipation is growing and so is our quest for great gifts.

Plus most of our friends have children. And what can be better than shopping for the little ones we love? Well, I don’t know about you but nothing brings more joy to me!  So I immensely enjoyed researching and putting together this list. All of these would be perfect for boys, aged 2-5. 

Most of the items that I’ve listed here are available on Amazon Prime and if you aren’t already a member, check out this page for all the benefits that Amazon Prime has to offer. Still not sure?  You can try 30-day free trial and benefit from the free shipping for your holiday shopping even if you cancel your membership afterward!

Stocking Stuffers under $10

  Having our kids play with malleable substances has a wide array of development and learning benefits. This mini play-doh set is perfect for on the go fun. You can just keep it in your purse and use in restaurants, when traveling, in a park. The good thing about small cans is that you get more variety in colors, it’s not an excessive amount that can get messy and you don’t worry much about it drying out.
  These mini cars are great stocking stuffers. Plus, they are educational as you can teach your boy about different types of cars. The set comes with road signs which are great for pretend play and learning the basics of transportation.
  If your little one loves to sing like mine does, both you and your child will greatly enjoy listening to and singing along these holiday songs. This will set the right holiday mood around the house or when in the car, thus you can even get this DVD earlier on.
  This coloring book is amazing if you don’t want your child to get messy. The page becomes colorful when it gets wet and there are hidden objects to find. A little water pen that can be refilled with water is attached to each book. The book can be used multiple times before the colors stop disappearing when the pages dry. You can find multiple other options at this link.
  Any child loves to touch and experience unusual weird substances. A fun bath time is guaranteed with this Slime Baff which turns water into gooey slime!

Educational Toys

If you were to ask me what is the one toy that we think is the best from all that we own, without a shadow of a doubt my answer will be our collection of animal toys. We started buying these little by little and now have over 150 pieces of wildlife and domestic animals, birds, insects, dinosaurs. At the age of 2 my son knows a great deal about animals and birds, plays pretend games with these, loves to be read to about animals. Even getting a small set of animals would be a great gift for any toddler!
  I love these series of beginner puzzles. Although the description says these are for 3+, I bought these a couple of days ago and my son mastered how to put them together in no time. It is fun to watch how he starts to think critically when finding pairs and shows perseverance in attaching the 2 parts together. After these simple puzzles, you can proceed to the next level with more pieces. Here is a good option.
  You could never go wrong with giving a good holiday book as a gift! Kids love to hear holiday stories! Here is a list of some other Christmas books that you can choose from:
Dear Santa – by Rod Campbell
The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer – by Jeffrey Burton
Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List – by Candlewick Press
Bear Stays Up for Christmas – by Karma Wilson
Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – by Alice Schertle
The Littlest Christmas Tree – by R.A.Herman
God Gave Us Christmas – by Lisa Tawn Bergren
  Musical instrument of any kind. The earlier you introduce your little one to a musical instrument the better. Piano, xylophone, drum, guitar, trumpet – any, or all of these would do.
  These magnetic building blocks are a must-have. There are so many variations of what can be built with these. They help kids think and use their imagination. There are different sets to choose from, depending on your budget. Check this link for more options.
What a boy without a decent collection of vehicles. If you have a boy, I am sure you already bought him 100 different cars. But there are always more choices to choose from, like this crane and truck vehicle. We try to buy our son not just cars, but all types of different vehicles so that he also learns which is which.
  Toddlers love sticker books. This is another great item to have in your purse when on the go. You can read in my post here how this fun sticker book along with a number of other pastimes helped me entertain my son during our long international travel to Armenia. Also, check this other fun activity book with stickers and coloring pages.
  Have you tried these mess-free painting sticks? This is one of the gifts I am getting my son for Christmas. This looks like such a great alternative to painting brushes. All of the Tempera painting sticks have perfect reviews on Amazon. They are said to look and feel like paint, dry almost instantly and work well on paper, cardboard and even wood (well, hopefully, that’s not your furniture). You can find more options at this link.

Useful Gifts

How do you think you can make brushing teeth more fun for your toddler? That’s right! A cute fun toothbrush made in a form of an animal can do the trick. Plus if your child receives it for Christmas, it becomes even more special. Don’t like a crocodile? It comes in 3 other animal themes. This toothbrush is actually for 3+ and your older kids would also love this set.
  My son loves to bathe. He can just sit in the bathtub for hours and play with water, his toys, bubbles and of course delay the bedtime (I know, he is very shrewd for his age!). So to somehow make the struggle of dragging him out of the bathtub easier, I use fun towels along with pretend plays, stories, singing and all kind of other creative distractions.
Does your toddler get overexcited in the evening, just right before going to bed? It’s like some kind of conspiracy… Well, you can have them do a calming activity like coloring their own pillowcase. For the little ones, you can just do it with them. The best part about this fun pillowcase is that they can color it how they want, wash it, and do it all over again!
Protect your child’s eyes with a good pair of sunglasses. These sunnies have durable rubber frames and provide 100% UV protection. Even in winter, it’s wise to wear sunglasses under the direct sun!


Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, Target still offers great deals on clothing, like buy 1 get 1 50% off, plus shipping is free through 12/23.

When it comes to casual wear, H&M has the best price-quality value. Your little one will feel the most comfortable in their soft sweats and underwear!
And of course, your son needs at least one cute and stylish holiday outfit to look adorable in all those family photos and to be the hit of all the parties 🙂 Macy’s have great deals going on right now. So you get extra 30% off all the sale items!

I hope this guide helps you find amazing gifts for your little one! Please do share in the comments what you end up getting for your son, I’d love to know 🙂  

And finally, before you go! If you liked reading this post and found some helpful items for yourself, please share it with your friends so that they can also take advantage of it. Sharing is caring! 🙂 


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  1. Such a helpful list. Thanks for sharing. My little ones love books and Peppa Pig, so I might just get Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List as one of the gifts… thanks to you 🙂

    1. You can never go wrong with getting books as presents. I bought like 30 already this week and still browsing for more. I am so glad I could help 🙂

  2. These are great! I’m also a mom of a 2 year old boy (and future mom of yet another boy…)! It’s such a fun, and challenging, stage for sure. These gifts are so great – I definitely need to get more of the animal toys – he loves playing with them and right now we have a pretty small amount to play with (no where near 150!!). Is it sad I never thought of them as “educational”??? But now I totally get it (ha!) – such a great way to look at it!

    1. You can’t imagine how educational those animals are for my son. I also initially bought a couple for him just for fun but he got so attached to those and could play for hours. I can’t believe how much he already knows about animals and birds and how much he is into learning more. So my husband and I are always on a lookout for those animals that he still doesn’t have. I think by the time he grows we’ll have every animal that is out there 😀

  3. These are some great ideas. I have a 3. 5year old boy and I was sturggling what to get him…he doesn’t need anymore legos, blocks, or cars, so these were good ideas.

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