Boutique Rugs Review – A Simple Way To Spice Up Your Space

Why read: Wondering if you should spice up your space with a beautiful rug? Read my comprehensive Boutique Rugs review. 

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A beautiful and thoughtfully selected rug can bring so much character into a room.

But buying a rug online can feel intimidating. I was very hesitant about purchasing a rug online myself. 

Well, when COVID struck and doing big purchases online became the only option, with a baby on the way I knew we needed a new rug asap. So I started my research to find a good online store for rugs.

And I’m so glad I’ve discovered Boutique Rugs online store. I found the perfect rug for our minimalistic living room and love how it looks. 

living room with a boutique rug as a piece of decor


Boutique Rugs Review

What I love about Boutique Rugs is that without compromising the quality their rugs are very affordable. They run promotion sales almost every season. You can use my coupon code TAMARA60 to get a 60% off your order. 

As someone on a budget, I knew I couldn’t spend thousands of dollars on an area rug, and of course, I didn’t want to get a cheap-looking and low-quality rug either. 

So I was nicely surprised to come across a company that strives to be the “number one source for exquisitely designed and high-quality handwoven and machine-woven area rugs at the lowest price”.

Plus, with the free US shipping, their price-quality combination is truly unbeatable. 

Boutique Rugs online store has over 40,000 different varieties of rugs of all kinds of styles – from traditional to contemporary and bohemian. Hence, the only difficulty you’ll have when on their website is deciding which one to choose.

The good thing is that the Boutique Rugs website is very user-friendly too. It allows filtering by style, price, material, and colors. And seriously, you’ll be surprised by the giant variety of different materials, styles, and colors their rugs are offered in.

But don’t fret! If you feel overwhelmed by all this huge variety, you can find lots of pictures for inspiration. Many pictures come from customers themselves and become a great way to see how a rug from Boutique Rugs is used as a chic piece of decor in any room. 

And here is a little warning for you! When after browsing through all those gorgeous rugs you finally find THE ONE, don’t think over it too long. With all the social media coverage their rugs are extremely popular so there is a big sell-out risk for their bestsellers. I made the mistake of letting the first rug I chose to sit in the cart for a day, to find out the next day that it had sold out. What is also great that they have quick customer service. After I reached out to see when the rug I’d chosen would be back in stock, I was nicely surprised how quickly they got back to me. 

So whether you’re in the market for a rug for your living room, kitchen or nursery – they have something for you. 

To sum up, here is why I loved my shopping experience at  Boutique Rugs.:

  • high quality rugs and home accents at incredibly affordable prices;
  • free and quick shipping;
  • thousands of great customer reviews with pictures of how they decorated their space with a rug and other home accents from Boutique Rugs;
  • over 40,000 gorgeous rugs of different styles, colors, and materials;
  • user-friendly online store with an option to filter by size, color, material, style;
  • 30 day no-hassle return policy;
  • quick and reliable customer service. 

My Living Room Boutique Rug

With the giant selection of gorgeous rugs on the Boutique Rugs website, I was having a hard time selecting that perfect rug for our living room. I wanted to go with a neutral color but not completely white and boring. 

My choice finally fell on the large 7’10” x 10’2″ Rectangle Norvelt Area Rug, and I love how it gives a farmhouse look to our living room.

With two small kids running around, I was hesitant to get a light-colored rug but I’m so happy I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. Boutique rugs are made in a way that they don’t require much cleaning. After 6 months of using our rug still looks like new. We haven’t done any major cleaning, besides running our Roomba vacuum every other day. 

With a small baby who learns how to walk and a 5-year-old, my kids spend most of their time on the floor. So having them on a soft, high-quality rug – which also looks great and adds so much character to our living room – was the best decision. 

Boutique Rugs review

The only thing I don’t like about this rug is the tassels. I specifically chose a rug with long braided tassels as I loved the boho-chic look. However, as it appeared the tassels are a big pain to keep clean. Moreover, they are not tied well and keep going loose. So I have to manually braid them and tie them up. 

Despite this small annoyance, I overall loved the rug. In fact, I liked it so much that to add an even more chic touch to our space I also ordered the Toronto pouf. It goes perfectly well with the rug. 

Boutique Rugs offered me another rug for a review which I’m very excited to use in my baby girl’s room. I’ll update the post with pictures of her room when we finish decorating. 


Are Boutique Rugs good quality?

Because Boutique Rugs prices are incredibly low they might seem too good to be true. So it’s only natural that you might wonder if Boutique rugs are of good quality. To be honest, at first, I was quite skeptical myself. 

No one wants to go through all the hassle of choosing a big rug for it to not withstand the quality test. But with thousands of happy customers, including myself, and great reviews, you can be confident that the quality of Boutique rugs will not disappoint.

How long does it take Boutique Rugs to ship?

My rug was ready for shipment in two business days and arrived after 3 days by FedEx. So it took only 5 days after I made the payment for us to enjoy the rug. And it came nicely packaged too. 

Is there a coupon for Boutique Rugs? 

Yes! Use my coupon code TAMARA60 for 60% off your purchase at

Plus, they have a great rewards program. With every purchase, you accumulate points that can be used towards your next purchase. With a great selection of home decorative accents – such as poufs, throws, pillows, etc. – you might want to browse those other pieces of decor too. 

living room decor using boutique rug

One Last Thing

I hope this Boutique Rugs review will help you with choosing that perfect rug for your space. You can be confident you’ll have a great experience shopping at Boutique Rugs. And if you do, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! 

Boutique Rugs Review - A Simple Way To Spice Up Your Space

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