Baby Sleep Solutions – Book Review

Why read: This is my review of the Baby Sleep Solutions by Katrina Villegas. A book on 6 easy steps to get your baby sleeping through the night.  

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Disclosure: Katrina Villegas, the author of Baby Sleep Solutions, was generous enough to send me her book for my honest review. Check out her blog – Mama’s Organized Chaos

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Now that I’m pregnant with my second child, I know how important it is to set the right ground for a baby’s sleep from the very beginning.

With my first pregnancy, I was naive to think that things will go naturally with sleep.

How hard can it be? Babies just eat and sleep, right?!

Well, wrong!

When my boy was born, I had this big desire to constantly hold him, rock him, have him sleep in my arms day and night. With a tiny little cocoon, it was easy and felt so fulfilling.

But soon enough I realized I couldn’t go like that for long. He was getting heavier and I – more tired and exhausted.

My total unpreparedness and many mistakes, in the beginning, let to endless sleepless nights rocking my boy to sleep till my arms would fall off. My son would scream every time I’d put him in his crib. Even when I managed to put him to sleep and transfer to his crib, he’d start crying as soon as he startled himself awake.

I became a night zombie who had to run to him every two hours.

Does this all sound familiar to you?

Exhausted mom with a sleeping baby on her chest

Why It’s Important to Prepare Before the Baby Is Born

I’m a research junkie. I read dozens of books when I was pregnant with my boy. But for some reason, baby sleep was the last one on my list of priorities.

As mentioned earlier, I thought my boy will fall asleep on his own as a newborn. And then I’ll have time to read and prepare for the next stage.

Yeah, right!

When my boy arrived, I was so overwhelmed by the struggles with breastfeeding, after birth recovery, sleepless nights, everything I needed to do around the house, etc. etc. that I was too late with setting the right foundation.

By the time my boy was 6 months old, I had a baby who developed the wrong sleeping habits. And it became twice as hard to teach him how to soothe himself and fall asleep on his own.

His naps were short, his night sleep was chaotic, his feedings were irregular – all this as a result of me not knowing what I needed to do RIGHT from the beginning.

How to Prepare the Right Way

After lots of frustration and mistakes, I did learn a lot with my boy.

Now that I’m pregnant with my second I know how important the newborn stage is.

Reviving everything in my memory on baby sleep is one of the top priorities for me now. But when you’re pregnant and have an active 4-year-old to take care of, plus your husband, housework, you only have so much time for research.

Moreover, there are so many books and methods that are totally ineffective and even emotionally distraught for both the mom and the baby.

So when I came across a book – Baby Sleep Solutions by author Katrina Villegas – of 6 easy steps to get your baby to sleep through the night, I knew I needed to read it. 

Luckily Katrina was generous enough to send me her book.

And I was nicely surprised how to the point the book is. It’s a very easy read, there is no fluff and it offers practical and easy steps on how to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. 

Katrina is a former chemistry teacher and engineer – and a mom herself – which means her writing is very concise and goes right into the practical tips without wasting any space as other parenting books do.

Baby Sleep Solutions book by Katrina Villegas

Why Baby Sleep Solutions is a Must-Read Book  

So here is my conclusion. 

When you check out books on baby sleep, make sure Baby Sleep Solutions by Katrina Villegas is one of them. When you’re pregnant you have time to prepare yourself for what’s most important. 

This book will become your go-to manual when the baby is born, trust me.

The 6 steps outlined in the book are easy to follow and implement. It will help you a big deal in teaching your baby healthy sleeping habits no matter how old your baby is.

Of course, the best would be if you start following those guidelines with a newborn. But if you’re a little late to the game with an older baby, it’s OK too.

Because if you’re the exhausted mom whose frustration is starting to grow because your baby won’t sleep on his own, or wakes every 1-2 hours this book is what you need!

I know, because I used a lot of baby sleep methods with my son. Many had proved completely ineffective and further added to my frustration.

I wish I had this helpful resource with my boy.


One Last Thing

Your baby’s sleep is extremely important for both his and your own health and well-being.

With Baby Sleep Solutions you’ll be on your way to having a happy baby who falls asleep on his own and stays asleep through the night.

Your Turn

Have you read Baby Sleep Solutions by Katrina Villegas? Please share what you think about the book with us in the comments.


Baby Sleep Solutions - Book Review

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