Most Loved Armenian Girl Names With Meanings

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You’ll be surprised to know the diversity of origins and meanings of the Armenian female names.

Some are word names. Others are Armenian traditional names derived from history and mythology that have true Armenian origin.  And there are also names that come from other countries and have been long adopted by Armenians.

Whether you’re Armenian or not, this article can help you find the perfect name for your little girl. 

Before getting to the main list of Armenian girl names and meanings (you can scroll down for it) let’s talk about some of the most popular, as well as unique ones of them.

Armenian baby girl

Popular Armenian Girl Names

On one hand, Armenian names for girls show purity, peace, and modesty.

On the other hand, there are female Armenian names that present bravery, courage, war spirit. That’s because through centuries Armenian women fought against invaders side by side with men.

Here is a list of the most popular Armenian baby girl names for the last decade.


All of these names are widely spread in all parts of Armenia, as well as the Diaspora.

But the two names I specifically want to talk about are Anahit and Astghik.

These are the names of goddesses in Armenian mythology.

Thousands of years ago, in the Hellenic age, they had different significance, but they changed with time or obtained a new meaning. 

Even if the origins and the meaning stayed the same, parents bring up different reasons to give their child a goddess name.


Anahit was Armenia’s most beloved and admired goddess – the mother goddess. 

She had the same role in Armenian mythology as Artemis had in Greek mythology.

The ancient Armenians believed that Anahit’s will produced the Armenian world. Hence, she was a fertility and pregnancy cult.

Anahit is one of the most common Armenian girl names.

There is a famous Armenian fairy tale named Anahit.  And a film based on that fairy tale, which was also animated in recent years.

The main character, Anahit, symbolizes a simple Armenian woman with a lot of self-worth.


The other Armenian goddess, Astghik, stood for love, beauty, and water.

Astghik is equivalent to Aphrodite in Greek, and Ishtar in Mesopotamian mythologies.

Although if you speak Armenian, you know ‘astgh’ means ‘star,’ and ‘astghik’ is ‘little star,’ but it’s not related to the goddess.

These are examples of how society changes the way they see a name with time.

I’m telling you this to show that some names can give you different reasons to pick them.

Some parents name their baby girls Astghik because it’s the name of the goddess. Others like it for the root word: astgh (star).

Speaking of which, ‘-ik’ ending is often used in names to mean “little”.

Names like Hasmik and Astghik originally end with an ‘-ik,’ however, it can also be added to other names to make them sound cute.

Consider Tatev – Tatevik, Arev – Arevik. Lusine means moon in Armenian and Lusik would be a perfect nickname for your little moon goddess. 

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Beautiful Armenian Girl Names 2021

Now that you know the most popular Armenian girl names, let’s take a look at some others.

There are a lot of beautiful Armenian girl names to choose from. Most of them will be totally unique outside of Armenia. The beauty of these names is that they are also easy to pronounce in English: Arpi, Lilit, Tatev, Gohar.

And these are modern Armenian girls names that earned popularity in recent years: Nrane, Adana, Salpi, Luse, Sareen. 

Looking for more ancient names? I have those for you as well! These are some old Armenian female names: Shushan, Ashkhen, Knar, Maral, Piruz, Taguhi, Varduhi. 

Of course the list of female Armenian names wouldn’t be complete without Armenian queen names. Here are the names of some prominent Armenian queens:  Sosem, Erato, Tsirane, Tigranuhi, Vanuhi, Sipane, Mihrana, Zabel, Hamaspyur, Arshamuhi, Khosrovanuysh, Zarmandukht, Katranide, Hovhanna. 

And finally look at these totally unique Armenian girl names: Biayna, Sevana, Kami, Talin, Shahane. 

Here is a list of Armenian girl names with their meanings listed in alphabetical order. And if you want to look through a list of even more names check out this ultimate list of Armenian names


Ada – short for Adelina, meaning noble lady (Russian, Old German)
Adelaida – was spread due to European literature
Agapi – love (Hebrew)
Aghavni – Armenian word name meaning ‘dove’
Agnes – saint, pure, modest (Greek)
Aida – happy, returning, distinguished (was spread due to Verdi’s opera of the same name since the 20’s of the 20th century.)
Alina – unachievable, inaccessible (Greek)
Alis – a cute Armenian girl name starting with a which is alternative for the French spelling of Alice
Alvard – red rose (Armenian)
Anahit – pure (Armenian) – Mother goddess in Armenian methology 
Angin – priceless (Armenian) 
Ani – Medieval capital of Armenia
Anna – talented, merciful (Hebrew)
Annman – like no other (Armenian)
Antaram – never fading (Armenian)
Anush – sweet (Armenian word name)
Anzhela – angel (French)
Araxya – comes from the river name Arax
Aregnaz – “areg” means “sun” in Armenian and “naz” is “graceful”
Arevik – sun (Armenian)
Armine – female version of the name Armen
Arpine – sun (Armenian)
Artsvik – from Armenian word “artsiv” meaning “eagle” and “-ik” female diminutive suffix
Arusyak (short form is Arus) – Armenian version of the planet Venus
Ashkhen – gray, bluish-black (Parthian)
Astghik – little star (Armenian)
Athine – Armenian variant of Athena, a Greek name meaning ‘a girl from Athens’ (Greek, Latin)
Aytsemnik – deer (Armenian)
Azatuhi – from Armenian word “azat” meaning “free” and “-ik” female diminutive suffixfree 
Azniv – honest (Armenian)


Bella – irreplacable (Latin)
Byuregh – crystal, transparent (Armenian)
Biayna – comes from a land name in ancient Armenia


Chinar – cypress (Persian)
Chnashkharhik – “having no analogy in the world”, “rare” (Armenian)


Dalar – fresh, green (Armenian)
Deghdzanik – canary (Armenian)
Dana – intelligent, just (Arabic)
Diana – mysterious (Latin)
Ditshuhi – goddess (Armenian)
Dshkhuhi – queen (Armenian)


Edita – holy war (English), betrayer (Hebrew)
Elen (Yelena, Lena) – sunny (Russian)
Elina – bright ray (Spanish)
Ella – Greek person (Greek)
Elvira – blond (Russian)
Emilia – feminine (Greek), impatient, envious, hot (Latin)
Emma – precious, mysterious (Latin)
Erna – serious, strict (Latin)
Eteri – purity, clarity (Georgian)
Eva (Evelina) – vital strength (Italian)


Faina – lively, full of life, bright (Greek)
Flora – flower (Latin)


Gayane – earth (Greek)
Geghecik – beautiful (Armenian)
Geghanush – from Armenian “gegh” maning “nice” and “anush” which is “sweet”
Gisane – hair (Armenian)
Gohar – jewel (Armenian)
Gyulnara – pomegranate flower (Persian)


Hamest – modest (Armenian)
Hasmik – Armenian version of Jasmine (comes from the name of the flower)
Haykuhi – female version of the name Hayk
Heghine – bright (Greek)
Heriknaz – “herik” means “enough” in Armenian and “naz” is “gentle”
Hermine – a variant of the Greek name Hermione, or the female version for Herman
Hrachuhi – a girl with fire eyes (Armenian)
Hranush – from Armenian word “hur” meaning “fire”
Hripsime – desirable (Latin)


Ida – farsighted, curious (Russian)
Inesa  – restless (Latin)
Inga – gifted, capable (Latin)
Irina – peaceful (Greek)
Iskuhi – true, honest (Armenian)
Izabella – a variant of Isabella meaning ‘pledged to God’ (Italian, Spanish)


Jemma – gem, treasure (Italian)
Jeyran – deer (Turkish)
Julia – youthful, soft-haired (Old Roman)
Julieta – eternal youth (Italian) curly (Greek)


Kami – wind (Armenian)
Karine – gentle, pretty, attractive (Armenian variant for the Russian name Yekaterina)
Katarine – pure, clean (Greek)
Khandukht – prince’s daughter (Persian)
Khonarh – obedient, modest (Armenian)
Kima – female version of the Russian name Kim
Klara – bright, light (Latin)


Lala – tulip (Persian)
Lara – seagull (Greek)
Laura – wreath (Latin)
Lernuhi – mount (Armenian)
Leyli – night lily (Arabic)
Liana – young (Latin)
Lida – African woman (Russian)
Lilit – born from fire (Hebrew)
Liza – pious (English)
Lusaber – bringing light (Armenian)
Lusine – illuminator, light, moon (Armenian)
Lyuba – love (Russian)
Lyudmila – pleasant to people (Russian)


Magda – tower, greatness (Hebrew)
Makruhi – clean (Armenian)
Mane – morning (Latin)
Manushak – violet (Armenian)
Manya (Manik, Mani) – diminutive form of the name marine (Latin)
Margarita – pearl (Greek)
Maria – Mare root derived from sea (Latin)
Mariam – sea of bitterness (Hebrew) mistress, God’s lover (Egyptian)
Marianna – abandoned, gifted (Latin)
Marieta – a variant of Mariam
Marine – sea daughter (Latin)
Maritsa – sea (Latin)
Marmar – marble (Armenian)
Marta – noble lady (Aramaic)
Melanya – dark-skinned, dark-haired girl (Greek)
Meline – sweet, pleasant (Greek)
Metaxya – silk (Armenian)


Naira – derived from Armenian land name Nairi (Nairi is a name for boys)
Nakhshun – decorated (Armenian)
Nana – God’s lover (English), mint (Armenian), seventh (Japanese)
Nane – another Armenian goddess symbolizing war and wisdom
Nare – maternity, Armenian female (Old Armenian)
Nargiz – narcissus (Armenian)
Narine – pomegranate (Persian), born from fire, igneous (Arabic)
Natalya – relative, dear (Latin)
Nazeli – graceful, gentle (Armenian)
Nelli – strict, hot-blooded (Latin)
Nina – dreamer (Russian)
Nonna – nun (Latin)
Nora – “she’s made of gold,” short for Eleonore (French)
Nune – saint, innocent (Assyrian)
Nvard – complex name consisting from Persian nav meaning “new” and Armenian word vard which is “rose” 


Ofelya – helper, supporter (Greek)
Olga – sunshine, light, bright (Scandinavian)
Ovsanna – blessing, saving (Hebrew)


Paytsar – bright (Armenian)
Patil – flake, snowflake (Armenian word name)
Paylun – shining (Armenian)
Perchuhi – splendid, opulent (Armenian)
Piruz – turquoise (Arabic)


Qnarik – small lyre (Armenian)
Qristine – devoted to Christ, Christian (Greek)


Raisa, Raya – careless, frivolous (Greek)
Rebecca – controversy (Hebrew)
Regina – queen (Latin)
Rima – pretty, pleasant (Russian)
Rita – short for Margarita, sparkling (Persian)
Rubina – ruby (Tatar)
Ruzanna – shining, brave (Indian), happy (Arabic), happy (Latin)


Sahakanush – female version of the Armenian name Sahak
Satenik – amber (Armenian)
Seda – mistress (Arabic)
Shahane – princess (Persian)
Shakeh – cup-bearer of the prince (Asyrian)
Shogher – rays, beams (Armenian)
Shushanik – Armenian word name meaning lily
Silva – forest, park (Latin)
Sima – face, burning, firey (Arabic)
Siranush – lovely, sweet (Armenian)
Sirarpi – love sun (Armenian)
Sirun – beautiful (Armenian)
Sofya – wise (Greek)
Sona – tall, delicate (Armenian)
Srbuhi – saint (Armenian)
Stella – star (Latin)
Susanna – white (Russian)
Svetlana – pure, light (Russian)


Taguhi – queen (Armenian)
Talita – girl (Greek)
Tamara – palm, palm tree (Hebrew)
Tankagin – precious (Armenian)
Tatev – God gave wings (Armenian)
Tehmine – Armenian variant of the Persian name Tehmina meaning ‘princess.’
Tereza – maintenance (Greek)
Tigranuhi – female version of the Armenian name Tigran
Tiruhi – from Armenian word “ter” meaning “lord”

Tsovinar – comes from Armenian word “tsov” meaning “sea” and Arabian “nar” meaning “fire”


Valentina – bright, lively, healthy (Latin)
Vanuhi/Vanine – comes from an old Armenian town name Van
Vard/Varduhi – rose (Armenian)
Varditer – rose petal (Armenian)
Vera – belief, religion (Russian)
Vergine – virgin, innocent (Latin)
Veronika – true icon (Latin)
Victorya – victory (Latin)
Violeta – violet (Latin)


Yeghisabet – old Armenian version of the name Elizabeth
Yeranuhi – enviable, happy (Armenian)
Yester – secret destroyer (Hebrew)
Yeva – life (Hebrew)
Yevgine – a variation of the Greek name Eugenia and means highborn, noble


Zabel – short Armenian version of the name Izabella 
Zaruhi – gold (Persian)
Zepyur – breeze (Armenian)
Zmrukht – emerald (Armenian)
Zoya – full of life, lively (Latin) 
Zvart – cheerful (Armenian)

Western Armenian Girl names

In addition to the list, you might be interested in a different one.

There are Eastern and Western Armenian female names, as well as different pronunciations.

For instance, the name Lori is widely used by the Diasporan people, but it’s rare in East Armenia.

In Armenia, it’s known as a name of a village, and if someone has that name they instantly think the person is half-Armenian.

And the name Paytsar, meaning bright, in Western Armenian sounds more like Baydzar.

Although all the names in the list are used in Eastern Armenian, you are always free to use alternatives.

Here are some Western Armenian baby names for girls in case you prefer them.

Berjanoush (Perchanush) – elegant and sweet (Armenian)

Berjouhi (Perchuhi) – splendid, opulent (Armenian)

Dikranouhi (Tigranuhi) – the female version of the name Tigran (Armenian)

Elmas – this name has Turkish origins and is almost never used in Armenia. However, it’s quite popular among Diasporan Armenians and means brilliant, uncut diamond.

Franziska – free (Latin)

Gadar (katar in Eastern Armenian, but it is not used as a name) – peak, summit

Keghouhi (Geghuhi) – fair (Armenian)

Kinevart (Ginevard) – wine red rose (Armenian)

Maral – female deer, doe (Armenian), beautiful (Iranian)

Vosgedzam (Vosketsam) – golden hair (Armenian word name)

One Last Thing

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl isn’t an easy task. I hope this list of some of the most popular Armenian names for girls comes handy. 

Your Turn

Let me know in the comments which one of these Armenian girl names is your favorite! 

Most Loved Armenian Girl Names With Meanings

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