Are you a first-time mom overwhelmed with everything that is going on in your life right now? Read on!

When you are a first-time mom with a newborn in your hands it is so easy to get overwhelmed. There is so much information floating around and so many “experts” ready to force their wisdom upon you. So it all comes to your own judgment and parental instincts when choosing between right and wrong. Although you understand that mistakes are inevitable and you grow as a parent along the way, when it comes to your child’s health, safety, well-being, development the stakes are too high to be careless. The problem is that between all responsibilities you already have plus a newborn, ruthless researching might be the last thing you are capable of, despite it being constantly on your mind.

So why not follow the steps of someone who has already been there and has taken the time to share their insights with you? I know there are thousands of blogs and resources to choose from, so let’s check if you and I share some of the same values when it comes to raising a child.


My philosophy

I strongly believe that for the best start possible every child needs to have access to good nutrition, comprehensive health care, and early brain development; and most importantly all that provided by loving parents.

And I am not discovering America here: we all know that those are the core basics that children need to be provided with. As parents, it is only natural that we want our children to have exclusively the best of what this life has to offer. However, having a baby is like landing on Mars and learning how to survive there. If only there was some magic way to know what IS actually the best for our children… Unfortunately, there isn’t one.

I am in no way an expert or a pediatrician, but I do read read read everything child related until my eyes fall out. So I want to share with you what works the best with my child with the hope that you might find it useful too.

And finally in my honest opinion, what is of no lesser importance is being the best version of yourself for your child. As a mother, you owe it to your newborn baby and to yourself for that matter. So when taking good care of your baby, you should always remember about your own health, self-care, and sanity. And I will be here to help you there too.


What you can find here

My son is 1.5 years old so I will start adding content to my blog for mostly this age category for now. However, little by little I will reflect on everything I learned since the first day he was born as well as my pregnancy.

So these are the main topics that I plan to write about:


  • Nutrition: from starting solid foods with your baby to then feeding your toddler the right way.
  • Healthcare: things to consider when choosing the pediatrician and my thoughts on all that is healthcare.
  • Development: building the foundation for the healthy brain development and helping your child reach his full potential in the critical first 3 years of his life.
  • Products: all my favorite baby and kid products that I use when caring for my son and best deals that I find for you.
  • General: just my thoughts on different topics, mostly child related of course.


  • Health: taking care of your own health and why it is so important to do it now when you are still young.
  • Self-care: carving out time and resources for adding self-care in your daily regimen resulting in more beautiful and well-groomed you.
  • Sanity: best practices for maintaining your sanity when raising your child.
  • Products: my favorite self-care products and why I think you should try them too.
  • General: just my thoughts on parenting for your leisure reading.

If you have read this far, I hope it means my thoughts resonate with you. So you might as well stay longer and learn who the pomegranate mom is.


About me

Hey, I’m Tamara. My husband and I currently live in Northern California but we are originally from Armenia. Our son was born here in the United States; so we now try to blend our Armenian cultural and religious values with American lifestyle into our parenting. I’ve lived in different corners of the world and traveled extensively always observing other cultures. I’d been working in international education up until my son was born, and after my maternity leave had ended I realized I wanted to stay with my son and take care of him myself. And that’s when I got obsessed with learning as much as I could about how to set my child up for the best start in his life. And here I am starting this blog mainly because I want to keep a record of what I am learning but also so that I could be of help to you, a first-time mom who needs quick answers to her most troubling questions.

Burgundy is my favorite color and pomegranate is the fruit I love the most. Besides, pomegranate is the national symbol of Armenia. It represents fertility, new life, and abundance. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion even before Romans did. And in Christian symbolism pomegranate signifies Christ’s shed blood representing his glorious Resurrection. So all this pretty much describes who I am, a Christian Armenian mom who likes all burgundy, i.e. the pomegranate mom :).


Throughout my blog, I will be referring to your child as “he”, simply because my only child is a boy, I hope it won’t bother you much if yours is a daughter.

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