5 Best Websites for Halloween Costumes

Where to Shop for Halloween Costumes and Decorations Online

Halloween is less than 10 days away!!! And if you are anything like me you are still unsure what you or your child are going to wear. What I am sure about though is that my son will be extremely excited to wear a Halloween costume and go trick-or-treating. Because why won’t he be? He is already 2 – all grown up! Before the main day on October 31, he is going to wear his costume to a number of other places we go with him, which will have Halloween themed activities. Hopefully, he won’t get bored and will not refuse to wear it on Halloween.

Luckily, my son is still not big enough to be into all that Star Wars or Spiderman or any other superhero mania. So I can easily and with a happy heart (because I am probably the only person in the States who haven’t watched or have the desire to watch any of those movies) rule all those superheroes out. If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you might know that what my son is into now is animals. So probably I’ll go with a tiger or lion costume for him this year.

5 Best Websites to Shop Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are everywhere now. And a lot of stores offer pretty generous discounts on all of their Halloween inventory the closer it gets to the spookiest day of the year. So it is relatively easy to find a decent child costume in any big name stores like Toys”Я”Us, Party City or Target.

But what if you are also looking for a fun costume for yourself or even tricker if your whole family is in for the party. If you have convinced your husband to be a part of the fun, hats off! I still have a long journey to get there… Maybe someday, haha.

Unlike my husband, I love to dress up for Halloween so I am on a hunt for an interesting costume that will go with a small tiger or lion. Not an easy task, I know. I guess no matching family costumes for us this year…

Anyway, because I don’t feel like driving around in search of a perfect costume for me, I will most likely go with online shopping like with everything else. So here are the best websites that I found for Halloween shopping to help you with your search.

1. Amazon

As always my number one place to look for practically anything is Amazon. One of the reasons I am a loyal Amazon Prime member is that my life gets so much easier with Amazon’s 2 days free shipping. So even if I am indecisive until the last days, I know Amazon has my back. If you are also looking for an animal costume for your little one, check this link, Amazon has a pretty wide selection of animals. And actually, any other types of costumes. Their which costumes at this link are also great (that’s probably what I’m going to be..)

2. Target

We all know about Target! But while going to the store and looking through numerous aisles for that perfect costume can be taxing, why not shop online? Target offers free shipping on $35 and more and you can always make returns at the store for free. Check their animal costumes here.

3. HalloweenCostumes.com

OK, if you are an avid Halloween person and are all for theme costumes, you know you need a more specialized place to shop than Amazon or Target. So halloweencostumes.com is your go-to website. Their specialty is Halloween, so they have costumes for any taste, age, gender, theme. They do charge for shipping and the longer you wait the more prices will go up, so if you find something you love you better order soon.

4. Costumes4Less.com

This website’s name is exactly what they offer: cheaper price than other stores/websites. Your order does need to be $65 or more for a free shipping though. But if you plan to get theme costumes for the whole family, then your total will come to $65 anyway. At least, you can get lower price point on all of the costumes.

5. SpiritHalloween.com

Another website that specializes in Halloween. Not only do they have probably one of the best selections of Halloween costumes but also all of the best and spookiest decorations are also here in one place. They do have physical stores throughout the United States so if you happen to head there make sure you get the in-store coupon of %25 off from their website.

You might’ve noticed that lots of these costumes are on sale so they are going fast! Do make sure to get your costumes asap so they don’t run out of your favorites and you can still get them shipped to your doorstep on time. Because let’s face it wandering around costume shops the night before Halloween does not feel like fun. Instead, you and your child deserve the real fun 🙂

Happy Halloween Shopping! And let’s make some fun Halloween memories with our children 🙂

P.S. I’d love to know where you normally shop for Halloween costumes and decorations. Please let me know in the comments!


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